Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk Warming- How it works?

Nowadays parents always want the easy way to do the necessary things for babies. The bottle warmer is one of those devices that makes your life comfortable with warming the milk or breast milk. You may find many difficulties while warming the milk for your baby. It also can end up burning your skin or any accidents. So, bottle warmers are the device to rescue. Bottle warmers help to warm the milk for your baby without many difficulties. You would love to use a bottle warmer for breast milk warming for your baby. So, let’s see about the procedure of a bottle warmer and how it works.

bottle warmer for breast milk

Why Use A Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk

  • Time-consuming: You wouldn’t want to be late when your baby needs milk. The bottle warmer is a device to warm your bottle of milk within very less time. It is time-consuming.
  • Hazard free: It’s very hazardous to use warm water, or microwave to warm your baby’s milk. You might not get the perfect warm condition with these. But you just have to put the switch, and the device does its job.
  • Healthy: If you don’t warm it to the perfect temperature, it might lose the quality and proper ingredient of milk. Bottle warmer helps to keep the right temperature for a consistent time. Otherwise, it may deteriorate its quality.
  • Perfectly warm: With other ways, like microwave, natural hot water or stove you may not get the perfect temperature which can harm the quality of the milk, but with bottle warmer, you can get the temperature you want easily.
  • Easy to do: Bottle warmer is a user-friendly device which takes no such relevant knowledge to do. You just have to put the milk into the bottle and have to switch to it. The device would do the rest.

Steps of Warming Breast Milk With A Bottle Warmer

The process of warming breastmilk is not that tough. Just follow some simple steps, and it’s easy.

  • Get the breastmilk using breastmilk pump and put it in the bottle where you can preserve it for a particular time. Be careful so that milk is not wasted.
  • Read the manual correctly and know the different parts of the model may have different ways to set up the device and you would get the information how to configure, how to use and maintain.
  • Find the place where you will put the bottle warmer. Locate the place where you usually feed your baby or find the room where you can get enough space for the counter and also near the electric power source where you can easily plug or unplug it.
  • Now it comes to warming. Fill water according to the indicating line. Place the bottle and turn on the switch. You will get alerted or signal when it’s heated to proper temperature. And the warmer will shut down automatically.
  • If you want to keep the bottle warm, then don’t put off the warmer and the bottle will be warm as long as you want. When you pick up the bottle, always remember to turn off the unit. It’s necessary that you give a slight whirl just to ensure no hot spots. But always be careful because breastmilk is very sensitive and do not shake it hard or it might change the composition and good qualities.
  • Test the milk on your wrist before giving to your baby just to check the temperature is ok or not. It’s important that as you’re giving your child the best milk in warm condition or not.

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Which measures do you need to take while warming milk through bottle warmer?

Using a bottle warmer for breast milk require some precise measurements to do. While heating milk, you have to take some steps to do it properly.

  • Put the warmer in a spacious place and near the power source so that you don’t have to drag the device every time.
  • While warming the milk, be careful with the quantity of water you put in the warmer as you would not want to overdo it. It affects the quality.
  • Take the bottle very carefully from the warmer and test it on your wrist before you give it to your baby. You would not want to burn the sensitive skin inside of your child’s mouth.So be very careful about that.
  • Be sure about safety. Don’t compromise while it comes to the matter of safety. While warming milk, be careful about security. Don’t touch it while it is connected to the power source and put off the warmer once you picked up the bottle.
  • Always rinse the warmer with fresh water and try to keep it clean and hygienic as much as possible and be sure of it.

What must be avoided?

Parents, especially first-time parents do a lot of critical mistakes while doing a bottle warmer for breast milk. To ensure your baby’s proper nutrition, don’t forget to check that you haven’t done those.

Some of the tips are-

Over shaking: Over shaking must be prevented while warming. It may affect the ingredient of the milk and also the quality of the milk.

Cleaning: Avoid cleaning the unit when it is still plugged in. Always clean it when it cooled down. Moreover, empty out the remaining hot water.

Maintaining: Descale the bottle warmer once in a month and remove the mineral deposits that build up in every use.

Complicated: Avoid bottle warmers which are not easy to use. Sophisticated bottle warmers may have difficulties for you to use. Always find the easy and user-friendly bottle warmer.

Final Word    

Of the different types of bottle warmer and with different features, find the best bottle warmer for your baby. Bottle warmers are there to make the job easy for your child. You wouldn’t want to give your child overheated or cold milk. So, use the bottle warmer for breast milk warm up for your baby and ensure good health of the child. Thank you for reading content. Please, like and share..

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