Dr Brown bottle warmer reviews & Buying Guide Which is Best 2023

To warm up milk and food easier, here we will show the Dr Brown bottle warmer reviews. It efficiently helps you warm milk and food so you can give a quick attention to your baby’s hunger.

This bottle warmer has a spacious interior which provides adequate space for placing wide sized of bottle and jars so easily.

Also, it has LCE panels for light up at the night, set the alarm, temperature adjusting option and lots more. You can easily travel with it or use it in the car for warm up milk.

This best travel bottle warmer also works as breast milk warmer. Yes, you can use it for warm up breast milk eventually.

However, these all features claim by the manufacturer could not catch our attention until we saw many Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer reviews which were mostly positive, some of them quite impressive.

So that is why our editor’s pick this best baby bottle warmer for all the mothers with newborn and toddlers for the test.

Dr brown bottle warmer reviews (Blue)

dr brown bottle warmer



  • fast and effective universal warmer
  • easy settings
  • convenient alarm to signal when it’s done


Bottom line: compatible with most size bottle and jar, simple and easy to use.

Editor’s choice: * * * * *

Manufacturer: Dr. Brown’s.

Large space

Dr Brown bottle warmer comes with adequate space for almost every size of milk bottles or food jars. Mostly another brand of bottle warmer may suitable for milk bottle but not suitable for big size food jars.

So you have to warm up foods separately in the oven in a separate pot. But with this best baby bottle warmer is perfect for quickly warm any size of food jar and milk bottle both glass and plastic.

Audible alarm

With all the other features this best bottle warmer has an audible alarm. When the circle is complete the bottle warmer alert you by thus audible alarm until your turn of the warmer.

It makes easier to heat up food and milk not having around the warmer. Also, it doesn’t let the food overheat because when it’s ready, you know by hearing the alarm.

Warming Efficiency

The warming efficiency of the best bottle warmer depends on the bottle material, quantity and sharing temperature of milk/food.

It can take anywhere between 4-12 minutes to warm up via its gentle circulating warm water bath. It’s better to observe 3/4 times in the begging and then consider your preferable or working time duration and temperature.

If you are going to warm up the frozen storage bags then it will take longer to warm up. It could take 5- 12 minutes to warm up completely.

Let us tell you how to use Dr Brown bottle warmer in this situation, at lifts warm the frozen bag for 5 minutes and the push the frozen milk to the bottom of the bag and warm up for 4-5 minutes more or until get thoroughly warm.

Refillable water chamber

It’s another feature that makes the bottle warmers more versatile. The refillable water chamber is a great extension of this warmer. This can warm several bottles before it becomes empty.

Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer instructions say you can add the refillable bottle invents then the warmer is one.

A warmer without Refillable water chamber make you suffer in various ways. Like the water can run out after 2/3 use without giving any notice and the thermostat may trip down.

If it occurred many times, the whole system would be damaged permanently. But Dr Brown bottle warmer is totally out of this problem because of its water chamber.

It’s so easy to pure the water and add to the refilled unite. It’s like plug and play. This best bottle warmer values your time that is why it pay attention to every detail so you can warm bottles/jars within minimal time and less effort.

Easy to operate

The best bottle warmer is easy to operate too. It has bright LCD panel which is light up at night and sets off an alarm when your set temperature has reached.

Also, this control panel can memorize the previous set temperature so if usually configure the temperature for warm food and milk you don’t need to input the same temperature each time. Its one button starts options quicker the warming process.

So any member of your family can run the warmer and a bottle of warm milk just ready right in time. They don’t need to adjust the temperature settings. The last set temperature is automatically active once they have pushed the start button.


Although, Dr. Brown’s look after the technologies and ergonomic in this bottle warmer. So any mom can use it more handy ways during their long bus day.

However, it’s a quality materially which safe, healthy, ease of use and most importantly better in warming efficiency. The price of this best warmer is little high, but we guess it’s worth the values.

This best baby bottle warmer definitely stands out in the crowd of available bottle warmer in the market. We highly recommend this best bottle warmer for every newborn and toddler mothers.


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