How to Use a Breast Pump Properly for Breastfeeding

How to use a breast pump is very important to know when you are off to work leaving your baby at home. In other words either you’re planning to continue feeding or you’re away a breast pump is a must for you. With this in mind, the benefit of using the breast pump will help you to get some rest. In fact, in this article, I’ll help you to learn how to use breast pumps properly.

how to use a breast pump


How to Use a Breast Pump – Step By Step

To begin how to use breast pump find a quiet, comfortable place. So you can relax and encourage you as much as possible to the letdown. However, there was a time when moms scared of using breast pumps. Now the time has changed as as if most mothers feel free to use the best bottles for breastfeeding for their toddlers.

For the same reason, they also know about best bottle warmers. You must know until your baby is at least a year old, all the equipment related his breastfeeding will need sterilizing. In this case, you can use the top brand bottle sterilizers. This will protect your baby from harmful bacteria. Well, Let’s see how to use breast pumps step by step below-

  1. Be in a quiet place and if you think you’re ready first take a deep breath and try to think about your baby. Otherwise, if your baby is close by you can try to cuddle her. Being that it will inspire your hormones for releasing the breast milk.
  2. The second step is to place the cone shaped shield over your breast. Of course, make sure your nipple is at the center of it. As a result, it will easily create suction to express your milk. Don’t worry, either it takes few minutes to make the breast flow.
  3. According to your needs, you can adjust the rate of pumping. Try to feel which rate makes you comfortable.
  4. Another important thing to realize you have to alternate your breast in every five minutes from side to side. Yeah, make sure each of your breasts can have 10 to 15 minutes of pumping time.
  5. As soon as you finished, unscrew the bottle and put the milk in a clean container safely. In consequence, you can keep it at room temperature for size to eight hours with ease.

Different Types of Breast Pump

There are two types of breast pumps available on the market. They are the following types-

Personal Electric Breast Pumps

When you’re using breast pumps the first one you’ll find is the personal electric breast pumps. In this case, moms mostly need this item. Because of this types of double breast pumps allow empties efficiently both breasts at the same time. Besides these offer cooler storage that is very helpful for transporting milk back home. Using this breast pump, you have to familiar with how to use breast pump.

Personal Electric Breast Pumps

Manual Breast Pumps

You have to create the suction by using a pressing motion in this type of breast pumps. Sometimes you have to use one hand or probably both hand to operate this. In the comparison with other types, these are quiet and small. These are mostly for occasional pumping or travel.

Manual Breast Pumps


There are no limitations of using breast pumps. Moreover, MOMs can use as many as times they need to pumping. Now that you know how to use a breast pump, so keep attention in few things. As like whether you use a breast pump or hand express wash your hand properly. Therefore, don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s direction for cleaning the pumps.

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