How to Warm a Bottle of Breastmilk- What’s the best?

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Congratulation! God blessed you with a baby. So, are you planning to feed breast milk to your baby? Yes, maybe. Because we all know it’s important for proper growth of the newborn baby. But you seem tensed because you need to go out to work or stay away from your lovely baby. Therefore, you are thinking of preserving the breast milk. Well, you can keep it in the refrigerator. But before feeding your child, you need to warm the milk a bit. And there comes the question “How to warm a bottle of breastmilk?” There are some reliable ways to heat the breast milk, but you should always remember to avoid microwave for this purpose.

how to warm a bottle of breastmilk


What’s the best  way How to warm a bottle of breastmilk

Using a Baby Bottle Warmer #1 Method

Type of Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk

You will find two types of bottle warmers by its function in the market. One is the food warmer, and the other is the fluid warmer. Most of the bottle warmer can heat both food and liquid such as breast milk. Therefore, before starting you should go through the instructions properly.


Use of steam

Make sure that your bottle warmer uses steam instead of immersing the bottle of breast milk directly to hot water. The best bottle warmer forms more steam out of less water. After heating water in the lower chamber, the produced steam rises to warm the milk.


Fill the water chamber

Pour water into its chamber. Make sure that water doesn’t cross the checking line. If the warmer doesn’t have a checking line, then follow instructions to determine the amount of water.


Insert the bottle

Add the bottle of breast milk to its chamber. It’s at the top of the water chamber.


Set the dial control and warm

To prepare a bottle warmer for breast milk, it’s necessary to have complete control over it. So that, adjust the warming temperature by dialing. And press the start button. Most of the warmer have sensor light that indicates the duration of warming. Wait until the dial reaches the desired temperature. The light turns OFF indicating the end of the process.


Defrosting process #2 Method

Shifting to refrigerator

You can preserve breast milk in a freezer for 6-12 months. To feed your baby, you should move the frozen milk to the regular refrigerator for thawing. Keep the milk at the front of the fridge because this part is comparatively warmer.



Let the milk thaw for a night. Usually, it takes about 8 hours. For inspecting proper thawing, you can use a teaspoon for stirring or by flowing water over the milk bottle.



This thawed milk is best for babies. But if you wish, you can keep it outside the

Refrigerator so that it can gain room temperature.



You can easily store the thawed milk for another five days at room temperature if you wish. Moreover, you can store it in the refrigerator for about three months.



Try to avoid re-freezing the breast milk as it causes lipid to degrade and the nutritious quality is spoiled.


Warm water bath #3 Method

Heating water

Fill a pot half with water and heat it on a stove. Wait for forming steam but not much to boil the water. And finally, pull off the stove.


Warming the breast milk

Place the bottle containing breast milk in hot water. It may take a while to warm thawed milk to get warm. On the contradictory, frozen milk may take few minutes to get warm.



Too much temperature of the water is not preferable. Always pull from the water container off the stove while warming the breast milk. And never put the breast milk over the burning stove. Use a spoon to distribute the temperature equally throughout the milk.


Why is bottle warmer the best way?

  • Easy to use: Comparatively takes less time. It takes about 4-5 minutes to make the breast milk to your desired temperature.

  • Digital method: Contains a sensor light which turns off automatically after reaching the temperature you want.

  • Designed for all suitable sizes of bottles: Whether large or small bottle as per as your preference can be used.

  • Warms the breast milk evenly: As the warming is done by steam, the hot air reaches all destinations.

  • Avoid taking much time: Doesn’t take much time for either warming or cooling the system. It’s just a simple method of warming by steam.

  • Multi-using facility: You can use it for even for warming frozen foods. Saves your valuable time and money as it functions as both.

  • Safe: Most importantly is safe and sound for your lovely babies.

Speaking of comfort and reliability, I can recommend you to use a quality bottle warmer for breast milk. Its multi-using functions and easy to use will please you. And your baby will enjoy a warm and nutritious breast milk. Therefore, every smile of your child will remind you of this great bottle warmer. I think you’ve got the answer “How to warm a bottle of breastmilk?”

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