How To Make A Bottle Warmer Last Long?

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Are you finding some information about your baby’s feed? Okay, that’s fine we are all conscious about our baby especially in the case of their feeding. We consider that you can now capable of making your child’s formula for feeding and thinking about how you can make a bottle warmer last long? Then this article is perfect for you. You have to keep the bottle warmer at least 1-2 hour. There are some tips and suggestions that you can follow to make a bottle warmer last long.


Make a Bottle Warmer Last Long: Follow the some step


make a bottle warmer last long


How can you use a bottle warmer in the best way?

Placing in warm water

Take a saucepot and fill it with water. Then place the saucepot on the stove for heating. Then remove the pot from the stove before the water reach to its boiling point. Now you can keep the bottle warmer by putting the bottle in the container of hot water. Wait for only a few minutes to make the bottle warm. You should use this process when the bottle becomes cold quickly.


Using a double chambered bottle warmer

While feeding, you can use two small size bottles keeping in a dual chambered bottle warmer. While one is in use, you can keep the other bottle in the warmer. You can also make the two bottles warmer at a time. Thus, by using a double chambered bottle warmer, you can make your bottle warmer long last.


Insulating the bottles

Using an insulator outside the of the bottle will make the bottle warmer last long. You can use a clean cloth as an insulator by wrapping the bottle with it. Nowadays there are many comfortable and beautiful baby bottle packs available on the market.


Wrapping the bottle

While feeding, you can use a wrapper drenched with warm water for the bottle. It will prevent the heat losing of the bottle to the environment and make it warmer last long.


Suitable room temperature

It is good for your baby to stay in a clean, dry room with an appropriate temperature. Excessive cold and hot is not right for your child. The warm of the bottle of your baby also depends on the room temperature. A suitable room temperature will help to make the bottle warmer last long.


Avoid excess shaking

It is necessary to shake your bottle so that it remains warm evenly. Excess and rapid shaking makes the bottle cold quickly.


Make your baby habitat

Don’t feed your child so hot formula. Always try to give him a formula which temperature is nearby 35-50 degree Celsius. It is not so warm and safe for your baby. Even This is not higher than your room temperature, and thus you can make your bottle warmer last long.


Using the bottle cap

Baby don’t drink continuously, and they need a gap. So, while feeding is stopped, you should shut the nipple by the bottle cap not only for making the bottle warmer last long but also for prevention from bacteria.


What you need to avoid to get a bottle warmer long last


Don’t overheat the bottle to make it warmer long last. It may cause bacterial growth and can also burn your baby’s throat.


Using microwave heater

It is not wise to warm your baby’s bottle in a microwave. Whether it is a natural process to make a bottle warmer, but it has a lot of disadvantage. The microwaves destroy the nutrients in the formula. The formula will also continue heating up even after taking it out from the microwave.


Time gap

Don’t allow your bottle to become so cold that it may take more than 15 minutes to warm up. It may cause bacteria to form.


Slow warmer

Avoid the warming process which may take more than 10 minutes. If it takes to warm the bottle more than 15 minutes, it can increase the bacterial growth.


Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can say that it is very easy to make a bottle warmer last long. You can use any of these methods described earlier but don’t forget to check the temperature. You can test it by dropping some formula on your inner wrist before giving it to your baby. After all, kids are sensitive and loving to us all. Please share this post. Thanks for reading.

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