Top 10 Foods to Increase Breast Milk Supply Quickly

Hey, welcome to our latest blog content. Today we’re going to discuss a huge searched and important issue – Breast Milk. I will show some foods to increase breast milk. Here I will show top ten foods that will help you.

Are you looking for a solution for your breast milk? Then you’re in the right place. There are huge ways to increase breast milk. The safest and satisfying way is to eat proper foods that help you to increase your breast milk.


Importance of Breast Milk

Can you explain the importance of mom breast milk? It makes emotion as well, and most of the experts said its help a kid to grow up properly with the proper immunity.

Any other food or anything else can’t do this, what breast milk can do.

It improves your kid’s intelligence.

It provides several kinds of health benefit from mother and kid both.

So, you should avoid breast milk.

Let’s jump into the main article, I’ve shown top ten foods below.


Top 10 Foods to Increase Breast Milk


#1 Salmon

There are huge omega-3 and Essential Fatty Acids into Salmon. EFA and Omega-3 are really nutritious and important for a mother.

If a mom can eat salmon regularly, it will help her to stay healthy and fulfill.

It will help to increase breast milk also. You can eat grilled, boiled, or steamed Salmon. They both provide a good result.

I’m suggesting highly including this into your food menu.

Foods to increase breast milk

#2 Carrots

Carrots juice is one of the most important food that I recommended to eat while pregnancy. It’s a quality food you know for moms.

It helps to improve milk quality because there has vitamin A in Carrots Juice.

If you can make a habit to drink it regularly then it will be worthy for you.

So, try adding carrots juice in your food menu.

Carrots juice

#3 Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds help to increase milk quantity in the breast. You can make a habit of eating fennel seeds easily.

It’s like mouth refresher. You should eat one after every meal.

This food is digestive and it helps in more several ways also.

You can add this in your Vegetable, or tea. Or you can boil some seeds and can eat them with some milk.

It is a proven food to increase breast milk.

I’ve listed this as number three in this list and you should make a habit of eating fennel seeds daily.

Fennel Seeds


#4 Bottle Gourd

You can easily digest this food and it helps to increase your break milk quality and quantity both.

You know as a summer vegetable, it has high water in Bottle Gourd.

It’s not only helping increase breast milk but also ensuring the milk quality.

So, it is summer there then tries this food.

Try eating regular basis.

Bottle Gourd


#5 Basil Leaves

Are you looking for anti-oxidant? Then basil leaves are here for you. It is important for moms also.

Immunity for a baby is really important and this food will increase your kid’s immunity. The baby will get the quality through your breast milk.

For this, you’ve to ensure that you’re eating basil leaves regularly.

I’m not sure that it helps to increase milk but most of the experts said that this food is important to maintain milk quality.

So, don’t miss these foods to increase breast milk.

basil leaves


#6 Brown Rice

According to some food bloggers research and some expert’s recommendation, it’s proved that brown rice is important to increase breast milk.

You just have to eat this food with vegetable.

Brown rice makes your milk denser. It also helps to maintain milk quality.

It’s not hard to make a habit to eat brown rice daily.

You should start from right now.

Brown Rice


#7 Oils and Fats

There are some controversies about oily and fatty foods.

I’m agreed with you guys, normally you should avoid these foods if you want to be fit. But for a new mom, it’s important to ensure breast milk than her fitness.

That’s why I suggest eating some oily and fat foods.

Fat foods will increase your weight, it will increase breast milk.

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#8 Cow Milk

Yeah, it’s milk for milk. Sound dramatically? But it’s true that cow milk can help you to increase your milk stock.

You should drink some cow milk regularly after every meal.

You will be able to increase your breast milk storage with this process. Cow milk is really important to drink for a new mom.

Cow Milk


#9 Juices and Water

I’ve mentioned carrots juice above, but you’ve to try drinking more water and juice daily.

Juice and water ensure the quantity of milk storage.

Whatever you eat, it doesn’t matter. But if you avoid water, your all efforts will be failed.

So, you can’t ever avoid this.

You can try orange, mango, or apple juice.

#10 Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are really effective to increase your breast milk. You must need to try eating sweet potato.

Huge experts have recommended as a must eaten food for a new mom.



What do you need to avoid at this stage?

There are some foods that can spoil your all effort to storing breast milk. You must have to avoid them. Let’s be known with some of these foods.

Most of the foods that generate gas, you’ve to avoid all of these.



I tried to introducing you to some awesome foods to increase breast milk. I hope that as a new mom you will try all these foods.

I’m sure that you will get the best result by following my formula. These foods are proven that they help to increase breast milk. So you can’t avoid them.

Please share your opinion about increasing breast milk. Do you know any alternative way to improve the breast milk storage? Please with us through the comment box.

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