Dr Brown Bottle Sterilizer Review : The Best Bottle Sterilizer

Anyone who is to use bottles regularly knows how important to sterilize the bottles after using it. If you are a parent of a baby, a wonderful kit like Dr brown bottle sterilizer is a wonderful device that takes care of your baby foods in a smart way. However, the bottle sterilizer is one of the most used equipment now a day all over the world. And for its growing popularity much more companies and manufacturers are getting interested in designing more and more items with newer features like Dr brown bottle sterilizer. So, you might know how much effort and time it does take to ensure that there is a hygienic and sterilized bottle ready always.

dr brown bottle sterilizer


Finding the proper sterilizer makes everything much quicker and easier for you. Therefore, it is important that you are choosing the best one available while you are looking forward to an item in the market. After a great research, what I have found is, Dr brown bottle sterilizer is one such brand that meets both ends of quality and price. As I made this review on practical research, so I hope it won’t disappoint you, and you can choose the perfect one for sterilizing the bottle.

In this review, we’ll help you select the best baby sterilizer providing some extraordinary features. So, let’s get introduced to them.

Who Needs this Product most?

Here is a list of people for whom these products would be of the best uses.

  • For parents having babies who completely live on bottle-feeding, it does a great job.
  • Working father and mother will find it also very useful.
  • It’s good for single parents.

Best Bottle Sterilizer Buying Guide

The market is full of different models of bottle sterilizers. So choosing one that meets your requirements isn’t easy. Moreover, if you are limited on a budget, it’s even a harder task to do.

Here is this section of review, we have included an exclusive buyer’s guideline that would help you finding the best bottle sterilizer from the market-

Type of baby Bottle Sterilizer

Talking about the sizing and power factors of bottle sterilizers, they can be divided into three sizes- Electric, Microwave and Portable Bottle Sterilizers.


  • Electric Sterilizers
    Electric sterilizers are likely to kill the germs with hot steam. Most of the electric ones are capable of sterilizing more than one bottle at a time.


  • Microwave Sterilizers
    The principle of Microwave sterilizers is slightly different. Instead of steam, they use hot heat wave to kill the germs inside a bottle.


  • UV/ Portable Sterilizer
    Lastly, it’s Portable (also called UV) Bottle Sterilizers which a fairly new option to the parents nowadays. It uses Ultra Violet Light to kill the worms and germs in a bottle. As like it’s sounding, they are extremely helpful to serve on-the-go.

Apart from the regular buying factors, there is something more that I would like to show you. In 2017, modern bottle sterilizers come up with a number of additional features. Have a look at the list and ensure as many as you can un your model-

  • Automatic sterilization of contents.
  • A signal that informs whether the sterilizer is hot or not.
  • An alarm signal as soon as the sterilization is completed.
  • A filter of water to keep limescale in control.
  • Tongs and brushes for bottles.
  • Sippy cups and extra bottles.
  • An accessory tray.

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles: dr brown bottle sterilizer instructions

To protect your beloved baby against infections, you might have to sterilize the baby bottles. In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss how you can sterilize baby bottles in the best way.

Boiling process:

When you’re raising the temperature for boiling, it kills the bacteria after washing the bottles.

  • Place the clean bottles, cap, and utensils in a large saucepan and place on the stove. Add enough water to avoid air bubbles.
  • Boil the water for 5 minutes and cool it down by turning off the stove.
  • Wash your hand and disinfect the surface where you’ll put the bottles. Next, if you’re not using them, store them in the fridge.
  • If not used for 24hrs re-boil them.
Chemical process

Here, you need to dilute the liquid chemical or tablet for sterilization.

  • Make the sterilizing solution after reading the instruction thoroughly. Clean the feeding equipment thoroughly before placing in the solution. For avoiding air bubbles ensure that these are fully under water.
  • Keep the feeding equipment for about 30 minutes according to the instruction.
  • Allow the equipment to drain and don’t rinse off the solution. This is because it might get exposed to germ again.
  • Throw away the chemical solution after 24 hours.

Steam process:

This is also known as electric or microwave sterilizer. It’s similar to boiling, but here the temperature is higher enough to kill the bacteria and germ.

  • The various process is available. Hence, follow the instruction properly.
  • After proper cleaning, place the feeding equipment in the sterilizer and ensure the openings of the equipment is facing down. Add water following the instruction and turn on the sterilizer.
  • Leave in the sterilizer until you need those.
  • Go through the instruction, how long you can keep there and when you need re-sterilization.

Safety tips:

  • Always wash your hand properly before handling the sterilizing equipment.
  • Keep the boiling liquid out of reach of the children.
  • Keep the chemicals and the chemical solution out of the reach of children.
  • Steam is dangerous, and it’s as harmful as boiling water. If you don’t handle carefully, it might cause burn in your hand or other body parts.

How often Should You Sterilize your Bottles?

Although you needn’t sterilize the bottles before using for the first time, after using it would be better if you sterilize instantly. Many pediatricians feel that a good scrubbing with hot water or dishwashers does a good job of cleaning and making it germ-free.

Make sure to place bottles in the top of dishwater so that they don’t melt. Although, a rigid sterilizer like Dr brown bottle sterilizer isn’t likely to melt so easily, but yet, you have to be careful. For small parts of the bottles, you can use a basket. Another thing to remember for especially after your baby has been sick is to sterilize your bottle more than once in a while to be safe.

Although some parents like to use a special bottle sterilizer, this isn’t mandatory. Soaking bottles in a pot with clean and boiled water for about 5 to 10 minutes works very well for the safety of your child.

Why do you need to Sterilize your Bottles?

As a parent, the only one thing that you care about most is the safety of your baby. It always makes sense to sterilize the baby bottles if you want to keep her away from diseases. To sterilize the baby bottles is the most important task that you should for your little infant.

The main reason for which you need to sterilize your baby bottle is that during the first years of her life she is at her most vulnerable state to illness. Therefore, if you don’t sterilize the bottle properly, bacteria, viruses or any other parasites can gather up and make her ill. Any mild thrush or a more serious bout of diarrhea and vomiting can develop in your child’s body if you don’t be careful of this. Hence, you might sterilize the baby bottle for at least his first year. If you ever think of that sterilizing a baby bottle may be pointless while your baby puts all sort of things in his mouth I would like to tell you that the immune system of your baby develops especially up to his first year. That’s why he can catch up any disease very quickly during this period.

Also, as long as your baby’s bottle is sterilized you are at least sure that he is safe from germs.

Although it isn’t completely possible or practical to create 100% germ-free environment for her but sterilizing your baby’s bottle or other feeding equipment can provide her a disease-free and sound health.

When to stop sterilizing baby bottles?

It’s suggested that you should continue sterilizing the bottle till the age of one. After one year, the baby’s immune system develops, and it can fight against the germ and shows high tolerance.

But some mothers suggest sterilizing baby’s dummies and nipple.

Dr. Brown’s Electric Steam Sterilizer Review


Sterilize your baby’s bottle safely with this dr brown bottle sterilizer. It kills harmful germs and bacteria from the baby bottles. As a result, you get a safe and totally cleaned bottle to feed your baby. It is also able to clean six bottles at a time. So, experience a fast method of sterilizing with this machine. For more details about the features of it, read below.

Dr. Brown's Electric Steam Sterilizer

Features & Benefits

  • Brown bottle sterilizer comes with a fast washing and sterilizing feature. It can steam sterilize six bottles at a time within just twelve minutes. Therefore, you will not get bored while sterilizing your baby’s bottles. Again, you can get ready for feeding your baby with bottle very quickly.


  • Safe functions are available with this product. As a result, you will get proper safety while sterilizing bottles.


  • It features a basket which you will be able to remove. In this basket, you can perfectly set all six bottles at a time for sterilizing. As a result, steam can directly reach inside every bottle.


  • Dr brown bottle sterilizer contains such a mechanism that is very much quick in nature because of the one button operation of it. Your work is just to give a push, and Dr brown bottle sterilizer will do the rest for you. Thus, it makes your work swift and fast. Besides, this one button operation makes the process user-friendly.


  • An accessory tray is available with this best baby bottle sterilizer so that you can keep small items of a bottle here. Therefore you can conveniently clean those items while sterilizing the bottle.


  • Experience a quickly sterilize method with this machine.
  • So much lightweight item.
  • No batteries are required for this Dr brown bottle sterilizer.
  • This product comes with a reasonable price.



  • Mineral build up may happen inside the machine if you don’t use distilled water.
  • It is a little bit pricey product.
Video: Sterilize your baby bottles quickly and easily!


You need a safe and germ-free baby bottle to feed your baby. You will do no compromise with the safety of these bottles. Therefore comes the dry brown bottle sterilizer review which ensures super safety with it’s steam sterilization process.

So, buy this from here and ensure your baby’s feeding bottle’s safety!


Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer Review


Experience a fast sterilization process with this dr brown microwave steam sterilizer. It sanitizes the bottles perfectly so that you can safely feed your baby with this bottle. You will be able to use tap water because there is no tension of mineral build up inside this machine. It has lots of unique features with it which we will discuss throughout this full writing. So, let’s know more about it.

Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Features & Benefits

  • This product sanitizes your baby’s feeding bottles very effectively that no germs and bacteria remains in the bottles. As a result, you can feed your baby safely with those bottles.
  • It features a very fast sterilizing method. Therefore, you can sanitize the bottles very quickly.
  • A sterilizing tray is available with this dr brown bottle sterilizer. The tray can hold four bottles at a time. So, you can sterilize them simultaneously. Also, it’ll reduce your workload and save you time.
  • The sterilizer is BPA free which ensures that the bottles are safe and clean enough to feed your baby with this.
  • The tray of it is removable so that you can easily clean this machine without getting bored. Moreover, it makes your work comfortable and faster.
  • You can also use tap water for sterilizing this machine because no mineral build up will happen if you use tap water for this purpose.


  • It sterilizes four bottles at a time.
  • So much easy to clean this machine.
  • Perfectly sanitize your baby’s feeding bottles with this dr brown bottle sterilizer.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • You can use tap water too.



  • It takes up a lot of space in your kitchen.
  • This sterilizer is made of plastic, so it easily gets scratched.



In the case of safety, there is no replacement of this dr brown bottle sterilizer. As it is mineral build up free, so you can easily use tap water for this purpose. After all, it is one of the best baby bottle sterilizer available in the market.

Get it now from here!



Finally, we have come to the last point of our review on best bottle sterilizers. In this review, I’ve tried to introduce you to some best products available on the market. If you look for something that satisfies you at every point and worth every penny of your money, then these Dr. Brown Bottle Sterilizers would be a great choice for you without any doubt. Finally, I hope that you find this review article very much informative and helpful and also hope that you would get the best bottle sterilizer here with a reasonable price.

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