How to Increase Milk Supply Fast | Top 10 Tips Increasing Low Milk

During the breastfeeding moments not all but few women need to know how to increase milk supply because of low flow. Some women usually think the reason is smaller breast size.

But the small breast size women don’t need to worry because any breast size is capable of producing milk for the babies.

However, if you see that you can’t produce the enough milk for your baby, you need to identify and solve the problems besides the breast size.

how to increase milk supply

How to Increase Milk Supply – Best 10 Tips

Low breast milk supply is a serious concern for the mom because milk is the only food babies need. So, any issue regarding the breastfeeding should be resolved quickly for a safe and sound baby health. But things will get complicated if there is an interruption during producing breast milk.

So, you need to know the details about how to increase milk supply fast.

Every breastfeeding mom needs to know that breast milk supply reacts to demand. Now if you want to increase milk supply fast, you must feed your baby regular basis. And you have to remember the more you feed your baby, the more milk your breast will signal to make.

However, babies aren’t tired of feeding. So, you have a good chance to escalate your milk supply by feeding your baby more often. After all, you shouldn’t only feed when your baby wants.

Instead, you must feed by responding the child’s need and when you feel to feed. As a result, you will have as an independent and secure baby because the baby now knows his/her basic needs will be fulfilled.

However, if you suspect any issue regarding your milk supply with the baby’s latch, you need to seek medical help. And the doctors will observe and rectify your breastfeeding problems.

Then they will prescribe the proper solution of how to increase milk supply, and you can get back your regular breastfeeding journey.

Often, women get breastfeeding suggestions from someone who doesn’t know the correct info or doesn’t have the practical experiences.

As a result, the breastfeeding moms get confused and frustrated. So, I have picked the top 10 tips to how to increase milk supply that will help both breastfeeding mother and baby.

What is Low Milk Supply?

Before knowing how to increase milk supply, you first have to know the meaning of low milk supply. Many breastfeeding women fell that they are producing the low milk supply, but they isn’t. And the breastfeeding women feel this way because they may feel empty or don’t feel fullness on their breast.

Also, if they see the milk stop leaking from the nipple, then they think they are having milk supplying problem. But if the baby doesn’t get enough milk, you will understand by his or her feeding behaviors such as crying or more latching.

However, when you feel you have low milk supply, you have to take steps of how to increase milk supply.

What Causes Low Milk Supply?

If you want to know how to increase milk supply, you must find out the reasons of lower milk supply. And in the most cases, if you don’t feed you baby often because of nipple pain, you will see the low supply of milk. Also, birth control pills which have estrogen reduces the milk supply.

Moreover, some health conditions prevent of producing enough milk for the baby. So, at first figure out the causes of low milk supply then search how to increase milk supply.

1. Don’t Follow Any Breastfeeding Routine

Babies cry when they are hungry. But crying is the signal of late hungry. So, you need to know when to feed your baby. And must feed them when they want the breast, but you can also offer your breast often.

So, they will start feeding even when they aren’t hungry enough. However, the ultimate point is you have to feed as many times as you can. And that’s how your breast will get the milk producing signal.

Then you will get the constant milk supply. And of course remember the more you feed your baby, the more your breast will supply milk. So, we can say that breastfeeding more often is the best tip of how to increase milk supply.

2. Check Your Latch by Lactation Consultant

Babies are breastfeed, not nipple feed. So, you should make sure that your baby has a wide open mouth. And you need to confirm that your nipple is going towards the back of the baby’s mouth.

Also, you can consult with a lactation specialist to diagnosis your latch. And the lactation consultant can provide a diagnosis to find the breastfeeding issue. Then the doctor can prescribe you some valuable lessons to follow. So, before self-diagnosis, make an appointment with the specialist.

3. Avoid Bottle, Pacifier, or Nipple Shield Unless Necessary

Breast is producing the milk based on the demand. So, if your baby is not at the breast, your nipple will not be stimulated. As a result, the milk supply will be lower.

On the other hand, using a bottle, nipple shield, or dummies will reduce the nipple stimulation. And less nipple stimulation causes the less milk supply. So, you need to consult with the lactation specialist before deciding to get a nipple shield.

4. Feed Milk as Your Baby’s Need

Some babies take a little more time to feed while other’s can feed quickly. So, you must follow the baby’s need, not the clock. Even if you are in a hurry, feed them comfortably.

Also, your baby knows what he needs because his brain always reminds him the right time. So, it doesn’t matter what time it is, just feed your baby whenever they want.

5. Avoid Formula Top-Up Feeds

There is a correlation between breastfeeding and milk supply. If you don’t breastfeed your baby more often, your breast will not produce sufficient milk. Also, the more formula you give to your baby, the less milk your breast will supply.

And in the worst case, if you provide formula more often, your baby will not be interested in breastfeeding. As a result, they will start to ignore breast milk. Then the milk supply will be lower.

So, if you want to know how to increase milk supply fast, don’t feed formula but feed breast milk.

6. Eat Healthy Food and Balanced Diet that will Increase Milk Supply

Breastfeeding moms need more nutritious than the non-breastfeeding women. Also, breastfeeding women need more organic calories, not some high sugar processed calories. And nutritious and calories help you to produce more breast milk. Moreover, you don’t have to diet while you have a baby to feed. But you can diet if the diet is breastfeeding friendly.

To increase milk supply, you have to eat as many green leaf as possible. Besides, you can eat good fats such as salmon, eggs, and seeds. Also, eating different colors’ vegetables will help to get milk supply.

Nuts are sources of good fats and antioxidants that will boost breast milk supply. And you can eat almonds, macadamia, and cashews nuts as a source of good fats.

But try to avoid salt-free nuts to eat. Moreover, add garlic daily to your food to get the extra boost to your milk supply.

7. Be Available to You Baby for 24/7

Babies have no routine for breastfeeding. And they can get hungry anytime within 24 hours. If you stay with your baby 24/7 and breastfeed whenever he/she need, you will get enough milk supply.

Also, don’t feed bottle milk or others. Feeding breast milk randomly to baby increases the skin to skin interaction. So, this interaction raises the latch and creates more demand for breast milk.

8. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is not technically food, but drinking water is much more helpful to increase milk supply. But you don’t need to drink water all day long, just take a bottle of water with you and drink whenever you can. If you don’t drink enough water, you will be thirsty, and your milk supply will be disrupted.

Usually, eight glasses of water are enough per day. But obviously, some women need more where some women can get enough liquid from less than eight glasses.

But it doesn’t matter how many glasses of water you drink; you need to drink sufficient amount water to boost your milk supply.

9. Eat Lactation Cookie

Not any random cookie but there is a cookie recipe called lactation cookie. And lactation cookies are made specifically for the breastfeeding women. Also, these cookies can help you to increase the milk supply. But before eating the cookies, you should check the reasons of your low milk supply. Otherwise, you will end up with the few extra pound weights.

10. Get Help from the Doctor

As a new mother, if you want to know how to increase milk supply, you should get help from the consultant as soon as possible. The above tips will help you to increase the milk supply, but knowing the reason first can solve your problem faster. And you shouldn’t fight with yourself or give up; the specialist can help you.

If you don’t reach out to the lactation consultant sooner, the milk supply problem can be worse in future. So, it is a wise decision to get a diagnosis from the doctor and check the main reasons. Once you know the reasons, the doctor will give you the proper medication.

Besides, there are lots of breastfeeding books and articles you will find online from the experienced doctors. So, you can read them which will inform you the correct knowledge about the milk supply.

But sometimes you may have a lower milk supply because of your health condition or diseases. If you are suffering from health diseases, there is a higher chance your breast can’t produce enough milk.

Final Thoughts: How to Increase Breast Milk Supply?

If you know how to increase milk supply, you will be able to get the sufficient flow of milk for your baby. But if you have the lower milk supply, knowing the reason first will help you to take the correct measurement. And the final verdict is that whatever steps you take to how to increase milk supply, breastfeeding more is the winning tip.

So, the rule of thumb is to breastfeed your baby as many times as you can. Besides breastfeeding, I suggest eating high-calorie food which has enough nutritious. And the last tip is to seek doctor’s help.

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