6 Baby Safety Equipment for Newborn And Infant

From the day your baby saw the light of the world, every moment is important and you gotta protect her every single second. For your baby’s safety in her growing years, following six safety equipment should be available in your house and there’s no exception for that.

Baby Safety Equipment

#1. Thermometer for Room

Yes, on a crazy summer day, we can joke about those mad sunburns and blisters or rant about the heat; but it’s a serious matter for a house with a newborn or an infant. The cancerous heat may not make much effect on an adult’s day, but it can be very harmful to the newborn.


A newborn must reside in a favorably tempered room, the temperature can’t be much or less than that. But how can you estimate the temperature of a room for that?

To solve this problem, some thermometers are available in the market. It shows the room temperature and remains steady when the temperature is congenial. When the temperature rises or decreases, the thermometer beeps or gives a signal to warn you about the severe change.

#2. Dehumidifier

A room’s humidity should be balanced always, at least for the baby. When the humidity is intense, the temperature becomes unbearable, the air becomes thick and the atmosphere turns dismal. This can result in baby’s discomfort, suffocation or breathing difficulty. That’s why humidity balance is a must for the baby’s room. Bring a dehumidifier to eliminate the dampness and ballast the moisture in the air.

#3. Aspirator

You can somehow manage to breathe through your mouth or snore, but the baby is completely dependent on her nose for breathing. So, when her nose gets all stuffy, it’s really a matter of great concern and you can’t neglect that. Baby’s nose should be clean all the time.

So, in case it gets stuffy or blocked, you should be prepared with an ultimate solution. That’s what Aspirator is for. You must have one of these in your house for your baby. Aspirator will clean your baby’s nose and help her breathe again freely.

#4. Safety Gate

Well, I’m guessing that it actually popped in your mind when you were wondering about all the safety equipment for your baby because safety gates are always a must-buy in every new parent’s list. You can’t keep your baby in the crib after a while and eventually, she has to step her foot on the floor.


But what does the poor soul know about this dangerous world? She isn’t aware of all the hazards that are waiting ahead to harm her this way or that way. There’s a possibility, she may crawl out of the house and get near the pool. She can reach the dishwasher or stove. She still hasn’t learned to ride the stairs. And there are plug-in outlets and pointy objects here and there.

So there must be something in your house to protect your baby from all these perils. That’s why you must secure baby’s surfing zone with safety gates. The gates will keep your baby safe.

#5. Video Monitor

You can’t keep an eye on your baby every single second. Moreover, at night, when your baby’s sleeping in her room, you can’t supervise her movements from your bed. So, it’s time you took the purchase of a video monitor seriously.


So, when you’re stuck in a work or somehow baby is out of your sight, you can still keep an eye on every step of your baby. This will also help to keep the baby out of danger when no one’s looking.

#6. Outlet Covers

Well, sometimes safety gates or barricades aren’t enough. When your baby learns to move, it’s actually kinda hard to stop her from getting her hands on the stuff that shouldn’t be touched. And among all these stuff, the most threatening one is the electric outlet, the plug-in and switch circuit. When your baby learns to move, it’s hard to stop her curious brain from going here and there.

But this curiosity can lead her to the circuit and insert her finger or any other object inside it, and oh boy, you know the consequence will never be good. So, bring outlet covers today and hide those outlets. Learn more baby safety equipment checklist Please Like and Share…Thanks

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