How to Bottle Feed a Baby: Best Positions to Feed a Baby

How to bottle feed a baby you have to know once, you decided to bottle-feed your newborn. In this addition, you might need to know about feeding positions, formula preparation, burping techniques etc. You can comfortably feed your baby with a bottle. In this case, you also have to know how often and how to give your baby her bottle when you’re out. So here, I tried to learn you how could feed your baby a bottle most correctly.

how to bottle feed a baby

How to Bottle Feed a Baby – Step By Step Guideline

Before use any bottle, clean them properly with clean water. If needed boil the bottles, nipples for five to ten minutes.

Try To Cradle Your Baby

To bottle feed your baby, place your baby’s head in the crook of your arm. And your other arm will be around the baby. Try to lift the arm with baby’s head slightly. It will be easier for baby to be in a semi-upright position. In case of feed a baby you have to remember one thing. Never feed your baby when he is lying down. Because of formula can flow into the middle ear and cause an infection.

Best Positions to Feed a Baby

Sit Him Up Properly

If your baby suffers from painful gas or acid reflux this position is appropriate for him. In particular, try to sit him on your lap while feeding. In this position, his head will be in your chest or in the crook of your arm.

Make Sure He Can Breathe Well

When you hold your baby upright, they can comfortably breathe and swallow. Then try to gently place the bottles teat against their lower lip. Further, in this way, they can open their mouth and you can place the teat inside easily. Often try to tip the bottle up at an angle. During the feed, it is necessary to fill the bottles full of milk. As a result, your baby will not swallow too much air.

How Often Should You Feed Him

Babies will individually differ from one another how much and how often they need to feed. In this case, for a newborn baby, she has to feed little and often. If possible, offer her a bottle in every two or three hours. Day by day, your baby will learn to response by head movements, hand waving etc. So you’ll gradually learn when she needs to feed.

Feed your baby as long as she likes to have. When she responses she had enough of a bottle, never force her to drink more. There is no specific amount to feed her. In this regard, a baby who weighs 3kg, she’ll need between 450 to 600ml of formula in 24 hours of time.

Burp Your Baby after Feed

In general, most of the babies found get fussy and cranky. Not only bottle feeding, breastfeeding babies also find to suffer from this problem. So you often should burp your baby to get rid of a tummy full of air.

Read the Directions Carefully

Each of formula used different directions. So follow the manufacturer’s direction exactly what it said. Neither you add too much water nor does your baby get enough calories and nutrients she needs. Due to little water with high concentration of formula could cause dehydration or diarrhea. So be careful about it.


The first time parents seem to worry more about how to bottle feed a baby. When you learn to feed him properly, your baby will be healthy and happy. Because a hungry baby never is happy and not let her parent to relax. Once he is full, he will smile and play happily for the hour.

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