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Baby bottle sterilizer buying guide will help you to know what you should care during buying the best sterilizer for your baby. You will need a sterilizer until your baby becomes at least a year old. Further, any feeding equipment that encounters milk will need sterilizing. In this regard breastfeeding, babies are most vulnerable to affect by harmful bacteria. This doesn’t matter which brand you should pick or not. Thus it matters you must ensure the feeding bowls and training cups you use for warming milk is germ-free and hygiene.

Baby bottle sterilizer


Types of Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Do you know that harmful bacteria’s growing quickly in milk? For this reason, it is advisable to sterilize bottles, breast pumps, dummies, teats and other feeding accessories. With this intention, you can retain sterilize your baby’s bowls and spoons until your baby starts feeding solids. There are many types of bottle sterilizers on the market. Each kind has its own advantage and disadvantage.


Cold Water Sterilizers

Here you’ll need to use tablets or liquids for sterilizing. The whole process comes as like put the item inside a sturdy container, then you need to cover it with a lid just after soaking it in the solution. Well, you might feel the process a pretty long as it requires submerge for at least 30 minutes. However, the good news is in the way you can keep your items sterilized for up to 24 hours. At the end rinse off the bottles, nipples, rings everything with hot water.


  • Cheap, good for traveling.
  • Keeps chucking items sterilized in over 24 hours.



  • It might take more space to stay.
  • Rinsing often feels agonizing.

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Microwave Sterilizers

There is no need of using any chemicals or rinsing here. In view of the fact, this type of baby bottle sterilizer able to keep the items sterilized up to 24 hours but ensure you closed the lids properly. For this, you must choose the perfect model. They will take three to eight minutes to sterilize.


  • This does one of the fastest jobs.
  • Lower in price than others.



  • Must require a microwave
  • Need to keep dry.

Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Electric Steam Sterilizer

In this type, you just need to plug in and use. As for this, they use heat from steam to kill bacteria. This is more reliable when you have to sterilize lots of items but you have no microwave. Rather they are convenient and take at most six to fifteen minutes to sterilize.


  • Use no chemicals.
  • Quick and easy to use.



  • These are quite expensive than others.

Electric Steam Sterilizer

UV Bottle Sterilizer

Many people know this type of a portable baby bottle sterilizer. In that case, it is a new method and is becoming more popular among buyers these days. First of all the best benefit comes when you are traveling to some places.  Essentially, it uses ultraviolet light to kill any kind of microbes or germs. You can easily dismantle this bottle and sterilize its every part individually if needed. It is as compact as lightweight to carry with you anywhere.


  • Compact, lightweight, great for travel.
  • Good priced even often cheaper than electric ones.



  • It might take more than 10 minutes to sterilize.
  • Few sterilize the only nipple or require sterilizing in parts.

UV Bottle Sterilizer

Things to Consider Before Place an Order

The best bottle sterilizers always come with the following features-

Easy to Clean

You probably might not like to take hours to clean your baby bottle sterilizer. In this addition, thanks to the manufacturers because of most of the sterilizers don’t need a lot of time to clean.

Check Cycle Time

If you can get shorter, processing cycles then will ensure faster sterilization of items. Especially when every needed instrument is readily available for use, it makes a plus point. Due to the fact, you can customize cycles according to your need. The amount of time it needs to sterilize often directly related to the amount of water you put in the machine. In spite of using water, every machine has an auto shut off feature.

Compact In Size

This is really a good point to consider. Moreover, a perfect bottle sterilizer should be compact in design to take up only a small amount of counter space. At the same time, it also should be roomy enough to fit all sizes of baby bottles. When you buy, check is it good to handle the tall and wide bottles on the market like the Munchkin Latch or Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow.

It Should Be Easy to Use

All the instructions for operation and maintenance should clearly list down. Hence, most of the baby bottle sterilizers come with a chart that shows how to sterilize bottles, change the milk temperature, bottle size etc. Though all sterilizers take a little effort, still once you get started you’ll learn by yourself the easy tricks to use it. At this point, there are some models that provide a memory system and one-touch buttons. This will be useful when you need to heat bottles of the same temperature regularly.

Look for a Versatile One

The best sterilizers always offer multifunctional options. Your machine should hold bottles, nipples, caps, the breast pump parts, breast shields, tubes etc. Then it should be versatile also for sterilizing plastic forks, spoons, bowls and other items. Nonetheless, don’t forget about the budget. There exist different ranges of price for sterilizers. You can choose one of them in your requirements.

Conclusion and My Recommendation

Baby bottle sterilizers are the most significant things nowadays parents like to use it on a daily basis. As for a six-month baby or a baby of less than one year, their immune system is no stronger enough to fight against infectious diseases. Above all, the whole decision is up to you. Yet you intend to use a baby sterilizer then here is my recommendation of Top 8 Best Sterilizers, you can try them.

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