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So you’re on the market looking for new baby strollers 2018. Great, but you don’t want to settle for just any ol stroller, though. You want the perfect stroller that will make life that much more pleasant for you and your little bundle of joy. In this review, I will be introducing you to the ZOE XL1 BEST Xtra Lightweight Stroller. Countless strollers are currently out on the market, but this particular model stands out among the rest. This ultra lightweight stroller weighs in at a mere 10 pounds making it light enough for you to carry with just one hand.

This comes in very handy because as we all know babies require other items and the less weight you have to carry the better. One thing worth mentioning is with this lighter weight frame you do not sacrifice build quality. While this stroller is only 10 pounds, it is still as sturdy as any stroller on the market and can take the daily wear with a smile without ever letting you down. There are many other features that I’d like to get into so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

# Product Features


zoe xl1 stroller

#Ultra Light Weight Design

As I have previously stated, this stroller is ultra lightweight at only 10 pounds. This is due to the use of an aluminum frame for its construction. Aluminum is a very lightweight metal which provides you a very solid build quality. This is exactly what you want when shopping for a stroller. This is the vehicle that your baby will be cruising in, and the last thing you want is any issues with its stability and ability to stay in one piece!


Along with being a solid choice as far as build quality is concerned, it is also very functional. It comes with a child cup holder which is suitable for virtually any size along with a snack tray which will allow your baby to play or eat while on the go. Both the cup holder and tray are made of quality plastic which is very easy to clean with standard water and soap. Oh ya, did I mention that the makers of the ZOE XL1 have also kept the parent’s needs in mind as well? They have also included a parent cup holder which I thought was a very nice touch as pushing a stroller can be a strenuous activity and having some fluids to quench your thirst is a definite plus in my book.

#Big Canopy Shade

The Zoe XL1 comes with an excellent retractable canopy shade which can be extended to three levels. You don’t always require full coverage if the sun is not directly beating down on the stroller. The canopy is made of a very durable material which will perform even under the harshest weather conditions.


This is by far one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a stroller for your baby or see the best double stroller. Having a stroller which was built with safety in mind is the only way to go. The ZOE XL1 comes with a padded front belly bar which will keep your baby back in their chair. The people at ZOE did not stop there. They have also included a 5 point harness belt which could allow you to flip your stroller upside down and still keep your baby tight and secure. Of course, this is not recommended! It is just an example to help illustrate how secure your child will be! They’ll be stuck like glue to a chair and only be able to leave it when you want them to.


Another great feature you can expect to find with this particular stroller is that it is very comfortable. Comfort for your child is very important especially when you have them sitting in the stroller for long periods of time. The cushions on this strollers are very soft and padded like you’d find on most higher end models. Not only that, this stroller has the ability to recline which is great for taking naps as sitting is not the ideal position for sleeping.


The ZOE XL1 has the ability, like most strollers, to contract and fold into a very portable position. It can fold nice and flat which makes it easy to store in a relatively narrow space like for instance the trunk of a car. The process is simple and hardly requires any effort. Something worth mentioning is the stroller has a great locking system which will ensure that the chair never folds when you don’t want it to like for example when you are pushing it around.


# The Advantages Of The ZOE XL1 Xtra Lightweight Stroller

The most obvious advantage of this particular stroller model is its lightweight design. Most strollers on the market are well above 10 pounds making this one of the lightest you can find. Having a lightweight stroller makes life a whole lot easier when having to load and unload it from a car. Over the course of a year, you will be lifting far less weight which will reduce your overall fatigue and stress. Another advantage that this stroller offers the consumer is safety. I can not stress how important it is to select a safety conscious stroller. This model boasts a secure 5 point harness system which is about as safe as you can get while still maintaining a level of comfort. Sure they could invent a 100 point harness system but let’s be real here, that would not be practical!


You get the best of all world with this stroller. You get an ultra lightweight design, stability and durability, excellent style, and above all safety features that are sure to protect your baby. The cost is very affordable at around $150 USD, which makes this a stroller that will give you the best bang for your buck and not leaves your wallet empty. With all of this being said, I highly recommend the ZOE XL1 BEST Xtra Lightweight Stroller to any parents looking for quality as well as affordability.

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