When Do Babies Walk? – 5 Signs Baby Will Walk Soon

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It is normal for parents to eagerly wait for their small child to start walking. As a parent, you’re bound to feel very proud when your baby takes the first steps. Children grow at different paces, and some may walk earlier than others.

Pediatricians and books about babies say that most children walk independently between 10 to 15 months of age, with some walking at 18 months and they still fall within typical ranges. Some parents may want to know more. A good way to know if your baby is growing normally is to look for certain signs that show your baby will walk soon.

When Do Babies Walk

Here are some 5 signs that may show you that your baby will walk soon.


1. Your Baby Can Pull up to Stand

When your baby starts to pull up to stand using her arms or steady objects, she is strengthening her legs to get them ready for walking. She may finally learn how to pull up to stand via a semi-kneeling position.

2. The Child is Cruising

By cruising, the child walks while holding on to furniture for support. Cruising helps your baby to perform weight shifting and moving forward in a safe place. You should make sure that your house is baby proofed to avoid any accidents.

3. Your Little One Crawls onto and Over the Furniture

Over time, the baby grows stronger and you might see him beginning to crawl onto the furniture or climb over obstacles. These are vital signs that the baby is gaining balance and muscular strength required to walk on his own.

How to Encourage Your Baby

4. The Baby Walks by Pushing Toys or Hand-held Assistance

Babies gain more confidence for walking when they get hand-held assistance from the parents or by pushing a toy. Some babies might utilize this as a crutch, therefore ensure that you give as little support as required.

5. Your Child Stands Independently

As the child becomes more confident and stable, he or she will start to let go of supporting objects and stand independently. The longer a baby can stand, the more confident she is. It is even better if she can move in different directions by herself.

Wrapping up, those are just some of the 5 major signs that show your baby will walk soon. The development of a child is a beautiful thing. You should hold off on using baby shoes until the baby is able to walk in the outdoors, or on cold or uneven surfaces frequently. Walking barefoot is important as it assists in developing balance and coordination

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