What Are RFID Blocking Wallets And Why Do We Need Them?

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A huge collection of RFID blocking wallets are available in through the Bricraft website.  But what is the purpose of using RFID wallets and why should every man or woman have one? This article will answer all that and give you a detailed idea about RFID and RFID wallets.

RFID blocking wallets

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What is RFID?

All your money and personal data are unsafe. If your credit cards and passport have a “wireless signal” symbol on them, then you can easily be robbed of your personal data and all your money wirelessly, through something called RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.

RFID scams are very common these days and can easily occur with you, without you even knowing about it. Chips on a credit card are supposed to make life easier for credit card holders who want transactions to be faster. These chips send out radio-like signals that can easily be scanned by ATM or cash out machines to identify you quickly. This technology helps people keep track of livestock and transactions being made. RFID chips on passports allow airports to scan your passport faster and obtain the information they require.

RFID has made life easier for people that I will agree on. But it has also made your personal data and money available to unwanted people.


The purpose of RFID wallets

Most Credit cards and passports these days have RFID chips installed in them. These chips are used to track information, photo and transactions being made. RFID readers are sued to read or decipher information that is transmitted in the form of radio waves. This information can be from an RFID tag or chip. Anyone with a scanner could actually read your credit card or passport by passing just 10 meters away from you, and you will not even get the slightest hint. These valuable data or information can easily be used to make unwanted transactions through your bank account or just be used against you in a criminal activity you might not have been involved in any way.

But as easily as these RFID chips can be scanned or read, they can also be blocked. That is where RFID blocking wallets come into play.

RFID wallets are designed with specially made pockets and lined with cloth inside that help block electromagnetic fields and help block communication between your cards, passports and RFID scanners. These wallets are constructed with care and can be easily thought of as some kind of Faraday cage.

Who would you need an RFID wallet?

An RFID wallet will obviously be needed by people who have a lot of credit cards or passports with RFID chips that can be scanned wirelessly. Huge variety of RFID wallets are available for both men and women, in stylish designs as well, so you won’t feel out of fashion. It is useful to carry one when you are traveling alone and feel that you might be targeted by scammers or robbers.

Theft through RFID scanners has become a common thing worldwide, with recent live statistics claiming that nearly 8% of all cardholders and passport holders in worldwide have been skimmed in the past year alone using RFID chips. In many countries, local authorities have warned travelers to not carry RFID chip-enabled credit cards and passports. But as RFID chips have become common these days in most passports and credit cards, this is not an easy task.

But RFID blocking wallets have made carrying around cards and passports much safer. They have made life easier for travelers as well as people who frequent areas where this kind of skims or thefts take place.

 The options for RFID blocking wallets

RFID blocking wallets are available easily through Amazon or websites like Bricraft, which have a huge collection of RFID blocking wallets.  Prices for this kind of wallets range from $10 to a $100 dollars depending on design, color, quality, and level of protection. The RFID blocking wallet industry is quite large these days, due to the rapid increase in RFID based skimming or theft.


It is always better to be safe than sorry later. Though it is a big question whether RFID skim is a big threat to us or not, many buyers are not willing to take any chances. The sales of RFID blocking wallets has increased over the years, with more consumers willing to pay a few dollars more to get one, rather than a normal card and passport holding wallet. There are alternate options available as well for blocking RFID based theft, but an RFID blocking wallet will always be the safest and trustworthy option. Thumbs up and share!!!

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