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Do you struggle to find ways to bond with your children that create meaningful experiences and memories that could last a lifetime? This is why I created this article. I wan0t people to know that there are outdoor trips that their kids can treasure for a lifetime.

I remember my own childhood when my parents took me with some friends to teach me to fish. I was scared but everyone was really supportive. I thought people would be mad at me if I didn’t catch a big enough one. But it turns out, everyone was delighted by the small fish we did catch.

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The following is a list of five reasons to take your kids fishing:



Like in the story I shared above, your children can learn about patience from this trip. Fishing requires that you set up your equipment. Then you have to deal with if any part of it malfunctions. Your children will learn a lot by seeing you be so patient with them.

Take Your Kids Fishing

A Love for the Outdoors

The outdoors might already be exciting for kids. But if your child is a girly girl, she might not enjoy the trip as much. You will have to show her that it is fun to catch food and cook it. The best way to do that is let her have a good portion of fresh fish. She might just be sold in the outdoors.

The Satisfaction of Hard Work

Fishing trips are also hiking trips. You have to prepare to take everything to a spot where you can fish. Sometimes you need to rent a canoe or a boat.

This is all a lot of work. And think about the pre-planning like getting the right bait for the type of fish in a lake or river. Researching good fishing spots can be rewarding for kids just like the exercise can be.

Make a Lasting Bond

Your children are always looking for ways to connect with you. You might not even realize this. In an article by Cleveland Clinic called “How Bonding With Your Children Helps Them Out in Life“, child psychologist Kate Eshleman, PsyD says that children could be better developed, less likely to be obese, and perform better academically if you take time to bond with them.

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Share Your Passion

You might not convert your children to becoming avid fishermen. However, you are showing them an activity that you love. In Psychology Today, the article “How to Support and Nurture Your Child’s Passions” by Susan Newman Ph.D. says that passion is a source of interest and enthusiasm that is different for each person.So if you show your children what you love, you are sharing something unique about yourself with them.

I like the idea that you can bond with your children through these five reasons to take your kids fishing and explore the great outdoors. Fishing was a very special activity in my childhood. I only got to go once, but I will remember it forever. We made the rod out of a stick and some string.

And I have no clue how we got the bait but there must have been a hook that someone packed along. So it doesn’t even need to be a high tech experience where you spend a lot of money.

Sometimes teaching your children how to rough it in the wilderness using some tools of nature can also be fun. Just make sure that you treasure the experience, knowing your children will inevitably carry it with them for a lifetime.

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