List of Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs Videos

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Babies pass their most important phase of mental and physical growth at the age of 1 to 7. And surely, whatever you are going to read or play to them, will have a long-term effect on their memory. Thinking of all these facts. Rhymes and Songs that are meant to be traditional, or moral, or just funny stuff, are proven to be an effective way to build baby’s minds.

Opening of Nursery Rhymes

Some ancient nursery rhymes like Jack and Jill or Humpty Dumpty had been popular nursery rhymes for ages. But have you ever thought about how and where these rhymes had generated?

Well, the song Jack and Jill is originated at France and the first version of the English copy of this rhyme was written in 1795. As the rhyme mentions beheaded kind Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, it’s clear to figure out that the rhyme is written right after their beheadings.

Later on, this and other similar nursery rhymes were made more kid-friendly.


Why Do Babies Love Rhymes?

Rhymes had always been the funniest method to engage children at the instance. Children not only find it melodious and funny but somehow the insider message creates some sense that tickles their imagination. And surely, they love it in this way.

Here are some facts behind children loving these rhymes so much-

  • Rhymes help children to improve their relationship with each other. Also, they help family members to get closer to children’s mind.
  • As they are pretty active songs, and everyone knows them, these can be great ways to connect with granddaughter or grandson as a grandparent. This is the only medium that both of the generations are comfortable in.
  • Children memorize these rhymes over time. So, from the very early period of their life, they start acquiring a hear-and-learn process that sharpens their brains.
  • When you read the book of nursery rhymes o an infant or toddler, these rhyme books becomes the source of music and colorful images. So apart from the rhyme, it ignites baby’s imagination.
  • It’s teste that rhymes and poetries of sweet and rhythmic pattern improve baby’s language skills so much. You can often see babies who haven’t learned to talk properly, but memorizes rhymes.

Thru Best Place to Get Nursery Rhymes and Songs

The internet is a world of treasures and resources. But you have to be selective when you are searching for some rhymes and poems to recite or play to your child. Because this selection will somehow decide your baby’s mental growth pattern and linguistic skills.

However, we have found one particular place that can be one good place for all the popular, creative and musical nursery rhymes. Visit Binki Kids – Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs and figure out what they have got for you.

Bottom Line

No matter how advanced the technology is, rhymes and poems had always been the most popular learning method that connects parents/grandparents with children. So, finding the right set of nursery rhymes will always be a plus for your baby. Good luck with that!

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