Mom’s Guide to the Top 5 Baby Items Today For First Time Mom

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The thought of welcoming a new member of the family is fun up until they actually get here. Bringing a new baby home can be confusing and overwhelming especially if you do not have the proper merchandise to make parenting easy. Although there are many products in the market, not all of them should come home with you. Before you drop an item in your cart, you should ask yourself where it belongs in these three categories;


(a) Must Have- These are mandatory baby items that your little one needs. For instance, a crib, diapers, car seat. Read more Baby Mom HQ


(b) Nice to have- These are items that mostly serve a decorative purpose and you can actually do without, for instance, crib skirts, baby monitor.


(c) Not worth having- Most new moms end up with things that they never ever get to use. These are not only a waste of your money but end up cluttering your space. These include pacifiers, newborn clothes, seasonal clothes. Babies are different, some instantly reject pacifiers and there‚Äôs nothing you can really do about it. Others are born big hence skip the tiny newborn baby clothes. Finally, that warm fleece jacket won’t be necessary if your baby is born in the middle of summer.

One thing that most new moms wish is for someone to give them a heads up on the kind of items to go for. Not only will it save you a few bucks but definitely make parenting easier. This guide will give you a heads up on the new gadgets in the market today that will help the transition easy for you and your newborn.


Mom's Guide

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Top 5 Baby items to Invest in Today


{a} Comfortable Baby Clothes

The little bun has been comfortably cooking for 9months without a piece of clothing on them. The real world will be strange and a bit uncomfortable for them especially with the wrong type of clothing.

Before you grab a piece of baby wears off the hangers, you should consider a few factors. Designers nowadays are going the extra mile to ensure that babies get wrapped in some of the most comfortable clothes. These are normally softer and gentle to the baby’s skin hence comfortable. This will help the baby adjust to the new world that they’ve been born into.

These clothes also rule out chances of allergies. With a harsh fabric and detergent, the poor baby may be subjected to endless sneezing which irritates them.

Investing in your baby’s comfort will promote better rest for both mummy and baby. Spending a few extra bucks on high-quality clothes especially from designers who specialize in baby clothes is highly advisable. As the baby grows older, you can consider other affordable options if need be.


(b) A High-Tech Car Seat

After a safe delivery and finally getting to meet the little bun, you’ll need to take them home. A Car Seat is a necessity in this case unless you actually live in the hospital. Your baby’s first trip needs to be in a car seat. It is highly advisable that you invest in a new car seat as opposed to a used one as it may have been damaged in an accident.

Choosing a car seat may be quite confusing especially with the wide variety in the market. For new burns, you’ll need to choose a seat that’s labeled til-2 years. These are normally rear facing for safety purposes. Later on, you’ll need to upgrade the car seat to one that accommodates older kids, say up to 6 years. These face the front.

Modern car seats are designed to strap onto the stroller which is a bonus. Others are designed with sophisticated features for the comfort and safety of your baby. For instance, air bags, extra padding, you holders.


(c) A Body Sling Wrap

As a new mom, you’ll be surprised at how much time your baby will spend in your arms. This may interfere with your ability to do chores or even self-grooming. For this, you’ll need a sling.

At the first glance, it may be impossible to determine what it is. It looks like an endless piece of fabric but once you wrap it on, you’ll be glad you invested in it. This wrap holds your child securely in place and leaves your hands free. You can wear your make up, do chores, work out or sort through bills, load the washer or even shop this way. Your baby will enjoy the pleasure of attachment as your handle other mommy duties.


(d) Back Seat Mirror

You’ll be surprised at how much moms dislike driving without knowing exactly what their little munchkin is doing back there especially in a rear-facing car seat. Installing this mirror gives you a clear view of the baby hence putting your mind at ease. When the baby grows older, they shall have fun looking at themselves and getting distracted. This little piece of luxury really does go a long way.


(e) Bouncer

A little baby can be quite overwhelming. Truth be told, most moms find themselves unable to even have a minute to themselves. You definitely need an extra pair of ‘hands’ to help with the baby. A bouncer is definitely a lifesaver in this case. It rocks your baby in all dimensions while playing soothing music to help get him to sleep. These cuddle the baby for comfort and even warm up a bit to mimic a mother’s touch. Modern bouncers have several sounds for different effects. With colorful and interesting toys, your baby definitely will keep busy as your catch a break.

Motherhood may be overwhelming but with the appropriate gadget and gear, it could be less hectic. Thanks to technology today, you could download special apps on your phone to make it easier. The white noise app could help get the baby to sleep while the lullaby app could keep them entertained. There’s no limit to what gadgets today could do for you and your baby.

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