Role of Humidifiers in Your Baby’s Development And Nursery

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Are you a parent or homeowner who is worried about the quality of air in your house? If so, then you should consider getting a humidifier. A humidifier is a device that keeps the atmosphere moist in a room. If you have a baby, then acquiring a humidifier should be one of your priorities since it will aid significantly in the development of your baby.


How to Choose the Top Humidifier for Your Baby

You should know the things to look out for when you are shopping for a Top humidifier for your baby. Below are some of the tips that can be useful to you when buying a humidifier for your baby’s nursery:


  1. Stream Vs. Cool Mist

Some health practitioners recommend cool mist humidifiers for a few reasons. Steam puts your baby at the risk of burns. However, the cold mist is the best since it does not require heating and are way cheaper to buy.


  1. Keeping the Levels of Bacteria Down

If you are shopping for a humidifier, you should know that their use leads to the build-up of bacteria. Therefore, it is prudent that you purchase one that you can quickly dump and refill after using. Failure to do so might lead to bacteria build-up and subsequent illness, which might harm your baby.


Humidifiers and Health

In case of you are worried about how humidifiers work, then worry no more since this article has you covered. They play a crucial role in adding moisture to your home’s atmosphere thereby reducing irritation in many parts of the body.


Are you aware that humidifiers can help in reducing dryness of your throat, lips, nose and skin? Additionally, they can also alleviate some of the symptoms that are caused by common cold or flu. However, you are advised to use humidifiers moderately since overusing them may worsen your respiratory issues.


Ways in Which You Can Use a Humidifier?

Did you know that humidifiers relieve dryness by acting as a natural moisturizing agent? Due to that reason, they are usually used in reducing some of the following symptoms:

  • Dry cough
  • Irritated vocal cords
  • Nose irritation
  • Dry skin
  • Bloody noses
  • Dry throat


You can be a victim to some of these dangerous and humiliating symptoms if the air in your home is dry. The discomfort is prevalent in your home during summer when you are using an air conditioner or during winter.


Types of Humidifiers

In the current market, a myriad of humidifiers exists, and at times, it can be a daunting task to choose the one that you fancy. Indeed, the type of humidifier that you will buy will depend on some factors. Some of them include the size of the place you want to add moisture to, your budget and your preferences.


Five types of humidifiers are available in the market today. They are listed below:

  1. Ultrasonic humidifiers
  2. Steam vaporizers
  3. Central humidifiers
  4. Impeller humidifiers
  5. Evaporators


Sizes of Humidifiers

Humidifiers come in various sizes. It gives you an opportunity to choose one that is most appropriate for you. They are usually classified into two; portable/personal or console.


In case you are a homeowner who wishes to add moisture to the entire house, then I would advise you to buy a console unit. They come with wheels which ensures that you can move them around the house. On the other hand, personal humidifiers are suitable if you are a person who is always on the go and travels a lot. You can use them while you are moving and need to regulate the air that you are breathing.



These consist of a single unit system that expels air into the room. They are powered by fans and blow moisture through a moistened filter. The main advantage that comes with purchasing such a humidifier is that it is affordable. If you are someone who values versatility, then they may not be the perfect choice for you since they only work in one room at a time.


Central Humidifiers

If you want a humidifier that circulates moisture in your entire house, then it will be in your best interest to go for this unit. They are incorporated into your home’s heating unit or air conditioning system. The only downside associated with them is that you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to acquire it.


Steam Vaporizers

These are the most inexpensive humidifiers. They work by heating water and then expelling it after it has undergone some cooling. You can easily purchase steam vaporizers at drugstores. However, when using them, you should take care so as not to burn yourself.


Impeller Humidifiers

As a parent, you can buy these humidifiers since they are the best option if you have a baby. They work by having discs that rotate at high speeds that create cool mist. They are child-friendly and will work well for your precious baby. The only disadvantage associated with them is that they can only be used in single rooms. Similarly, they can cause respiratory difficulties for those with asthma and allergies.


Do Humidifiers Help Babies to Sleep?

When you are registering your baby, it is commonplace for the attendants to persuade you to purchase a humidifier. Most of them end up convincing you that they are a must-have in your baby’s room. Humidifiers play a vital role in improving your baby’s sleep. They ensure that your baby has a peaceful and undisturbed rest that will keep him/her healthy.


Why Should You Have a Humidifier in Your Baby’s Room

Research has shown that when soon-to-be parents are selecting the items for their baby’s nursery, they pick out every detail with great care. They ask for the best rocking chairs, look out for bassinet safety standards as well as the dresser that may last the baby up to his/her teen years. However, most of the time they forget one critical detail that should not miss from the nursery, a good humidifier.


The Bottom Line

With the current change in climate in many parts of the world, regulating the atmosphere of your home can be a thoughtful idea. Doing so will necessitate that you buy an efficient humidifier that will last you a long time. By following the advice in this article, you can purchase a humidifier that will assist you and your baby to have a cleaner and pure atmosphere.


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