How to Encourage Your Baby to Walk? – 10 Easy Ways

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Most parents look forward to seeing their child take the first steps. Learning how to walk requires that the child gains enough muscular strength in the legs. To create this strength, children usually crawl, roll and sit.

As a parent, you need to encourage your baby to walk. To help you, here are some of the things you can do.


1. Hold Your Child In An Upright Position

When your baby is about 4 or 5 months old, you can start to hold him in an upright position so that he can learn to support himself on his legs. By doing this, your child is also bound to bend his little knees and bounce up and down. Starting early helps your baby master how to stand on his feet and gain muscular lower body strength.

baby upright position

2. Motivate Your Baby To Cruise

Your baby will, first of all, learn how to pull up to stand by herself. After this, she will start to cruise with the support of furniture and people. Encourage your little one to cruise for longer distances by placing her favorite toys out of reach. This exercise will help your baby in standing properly and strengthening the muscles in the hips and thighs. Soon enough your baby will master weight shifting from one foot to the other.


3. Let Your Child Stay Barefoot

Pediatricians advise that a baby should remain barefoot in the early stages of growth. By feeling the ground, a baby can adjust his standing balance accordingly. Shoes prevent babies from feeling the different surfaces that need unique use of joint muscles and posture. To encourage your baby to walk, let him stay barefoot as much as possible.


4. Squatting

You should encourage your baby to squat because it is a crucial skill that will hugely support her in standing by herself. You can do this by putting a favorite toy at her feet when she’s holding on to a piece of furniture, and motivate her to squat and pick it up. Going up and down stimulates the hip and thighs muscles.

How to Encourage Your Baby

5. Get Rid Of Movable Furniture

As your baby starts to pull up to stand and cruise, she will need sturdy objects for support. Get rid of the movable lightweight furniture that can make the child to topple over easily. If a child pulls himself up to stand and then suddenly falls over with an unsteady stool, the child will feel scared of trying again.


6. Childproof Your Home

Protect your baby from hurting her head by padding the corners and ledges of objects in your home. If your child is walking around the house with socks,  use non-slip socks as these will reduce chances of slipping. Remove objects on the floor that may cause your baby to trip or slip.


7. Play Some Dance Music

Babies are naturally able to move their bodies when they hear some dance music. While dancing, the baby bounces up and down which strengthens his leg muscles. Let your little one move to the beat and have some fun.


8. Let Your Child Learn From Other Children

Small children will tend to feel the urge to do what the others are doing. You should allow your baby to see other walking toddlers like on a play date or in the park. By seeing that other babies are pulling to stand and walking, your baby will start to follow suit.


9. Make It A Habit To Cheer

Everybody loves to be encouraged, the same applies to babies. Cheer and clap for your baby whenever she stands or walks for some distance. This will motivate her to walk more.


10. Don’t Carry Your Child All The Time

It is very tempting to carry the baby from point A to point B. This should stop when your baby has started to cruise. Encourage your baby to walk by himself more often by avoiding the habit of carrying him all the time.

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To conclude, those are just some of the ways you can slowly encourage your little one to walk. These exercises will stimulate the strengthening of the muscles needed for walking. Within no time the baby will walk without any support.

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