Guide and Tips to Take Care of Both Your Baby as Well as Your Family

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Well, if you are reading this article, this implies that you have gone through the terrible period of labor and have completed your delivery. So, now, you are back to your home, but there is a new member of your family, your baby, and you want some guidance and tips from the experts to take care of both your baby as well as your family.


Take Care of Both Your Baby

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Although you may not feel the heat of being a parent for the first few days, yet, as the time passes, you will start getting the chills. So, to protect you from such nervous attacks, we have compiled some tips which will surely help you become a good parenting source for your newly born baby and will also make your baby healthy and free from any troubles. These tips from our expert sources will definitely increase your confidence level and will ensure that you take good and proper care of your young one.


Seek the Proper help, just after Delivery

This is the most crucial time of the life of a parent as well as a new one. This period of 2 to 3 weeks can be very crucial and the overall development of the baby mostly depends on many of the activities done during these initial days.

So, as new parents, it is your responsibility to get the best advice and consultation for your young one. Most of the hospitals have a panel of expert pediatricians, who tend to help the new parents and guide them through their future actions and activities for the well-being of the baby.

Most importantly, you must talk to the lactation and nursing specialists, who will explain you all the details which you will have to take care while breastfeeding your new one. Whether your baby is able to drink milk properly from the breasts, or does she need a bottle; all these queries should be cleared within the first few weeks after delivery.

Apart from this, you can also hire an in-house nurse to take care of you and your child, while training you for your future endeavors.


Handle your Kid Nicely and Safely

As any of a newborn, the babies, too, are very delicate and thus, a proper knowledge of carrying and handling the baby is very important for the new parents.

Thus, following are some of the precautions which one should follow before touching or coming in the vicinity of the baby.


  1. It is very crucial that both you or any other person who is about to touch the baby should clean their hands with a sanitizer and change to fresh clothes before coming in contact with the young one. This is because the immunity of the baby is not so powerful, and thus, even a slight exposure to germs and bacteria may result in a fatal infection.
  2. Another important point which should be kept in mind while holding a baby is that the head and neck of the little one should always have a constant support. Apart from this, it is also crucial to cradle the neck and head while holding your new one.
  3. It has been often seen that the parents, although unknowingly, shake the baby, in order to play with her and often, in an attempt to make her stop crying. Well, keep it in mind that you should never do that again. Such a dangerous tremor may cause internal bleeding of your baby and in some cases, may also lead to death. So, if you want to wake her up, stroll her feet or tickle her cheeks, which will definitely wake her up.
  4. Do not take your baby to any place or any activity which becomes rough or shaky.
  5. Some Common Questions asked by Various New Parents


In what ways can we move or swaddle a newborn?

Swaddling is the safest way to impart movement to the baby, but without any chances of impairment. But, although swaddling of the newborn stops it from crying, yet, the new parents must learn how to swaddle properly or else, they will unknowingly create a problem.


What are the restrictions with the diapers for the baby?

There are basically two primary options for the diapers for a newborn, the cotton clothes or the newly available diapers which are disposable after one-time use. Normally, just after birth, the babies tend to poo approximately 9 to 11 times in a day, which averages up to about 70 to 80 times in seven days.

Be very careful while changing the diaper of your baby because any exposure of bacteria to her genital areas may cause an infection. So, during changing the diapers, let her rest on her back. After that, you can remove the dirty diaper and wipe the genital parts of your baby. It is very important that you wipe your new one clean with a help of a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water, cotton balls or by wipes, to prevent any kinds of infections and rashes.


How can we deal with the rashes and infections due to a diaper?

If you see any symptoms of rashes or infections in your baby’s genital areas, apply ointments with zinc oxide, as the compound helps to stop the contact of the skin and moisture. Apart from that, you should remove the dirty diaper quickly, and also wipe the area with cotton balls and wipes, to keep the area clean.

So, as a new dimension has got added to your life, you should be very careful with your baby as well your own health, apart from looking after your partner. These few weeks are very crucial and you should give extra attention to each and every detail of your child, which will help you and your baby to lead a healthy life in the long run.

Since, you have become a parent for the first time, hence, you will receive hundreds and thousands of parenting advice from all your elders, family members as well as your friends, who would share with you their encyclopedia of parenting. But, as the wellbeing of your child is at stake, so, take your decisions wisely and start following your heart and your intuitions, since as a parent, you will understand the things which are better or worse for your baby.

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