Top 10 Fitness Tips for Kids- Get the Children Moving and Being Active

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Staying active and physically fit is essential for everyone no matter the age. One of the best ways of staying fit is by engaging in demanding outdoor activities. Being active throughout your life does not only keep you jovial but also help you maintain a physically fit body.

However, nowadays things are different especially when it comes to kids. Unlike olden days when you would find kids playing all around these days, kids spend most of their time indoors either watching TV or scrolling their smartphones. Lack of physical exercises combined with poor eating habits has made many kids develop poor health and weak bodies.

In fact, it is common to find kids with conditions such as high blood pressure and obesity which were only associated with mature people some years ago. It is, therefore, the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their kids are always engaged in activates that help them stay physically fit. Here are helpful fitness tips for kids that will help them stay active and healthy.

fitness tips for kids

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1. Control how they use their smart devices

One of the factors that prevent kids from engaging in physical activities is their addiction to the use of gadgets which includes smartphones, computers, and other smart devices. Most kids spend their free time playing with their gadgets a factor that prevents them from engaging in physical activities. As a parent, you should control how your kids use their smart devices and encourage them to engage in physical activities. Give them jobs around the house which will keep them busy and physically active.

2. Controlled snacking

Almost every kid out there loves snacks, but not many kids are aware or care what snacks do to their health. You cannot prohibit your kids from taking snacks, but you can control what they eat. Train them to stick to homemade snacks made of whole grain ingredients. You can also train them to drink fresh juice instead of sodas thus reducing the amount of processed food they consume.

3. Show them how to have fun working out

Kids get bored easily and will not stick to their workout routines for long without motivation. However, you can show your kids that working out can also be fun. Introduce them to different enjoyable activities such as hiking, swimming, dancing, cycling or soccer. This will help them exercise as they have fun.

4. Introduce them to weight training

Weight training can be very beneficial to your kids especially those approaching their late teenage years. Take them with you to the gym and let them interact with other trainers as they work out to keep them motivated. Kids already have a fresh body thus will not require too much weight training, about three days a week will be enough. Weight training will help your kids build muscles, improve their body power and also prevent them from becoming obese.

5. Have fun outside

Training your kids to develop a habit of spending time out side is one the best fitness tips for kids. Introduce them to outdoor games that will keep them active thus helping them exercise their body while having fun. You can even buy them their favorite electric scooter just to encourage them to spend time outside. If your kid is couch potato find a way to get him/her outside and have fun. Even walking a dog will do a great job in improving your kid’s physical fitness.

6. Keep them hydrated

Keeping your kids hydrated is one of the best ways of ensuring that they remain healthy and physically fit. Consuming plenty of water helps to kick out the toxins from the body and also gives you a toned skin Encourage your kids to drink plenty of plain water about 8 glasses a day and also discourage them from consuming flavored beverages such as coffee and soda.

7. Ensure that your kids always take breakfast

Always ensure that your kids start their day by taking a healthy breakfast. Taking breakfast gives them the energy they need to perform their daily activities. According to statics individuals who skip breakfast also have high chances of indulging in poor eating habits. Ensuring that your kids have developed a healthy eating habit will help them grow properly and develop strong bodies.

8. Encourage mindful eating

Kids are known for multitasking and will never stick to one activity for a long time. In fact, most kids have a habit of giving stories or chatting on their phone during meal times thus are always distracted when eating their food. Lack of concentration on your food is bad for anyone who wants to remain healthy and physically fit. Train your kids to avoid distractions during mealtime so that they can control their eating habits. Mindful eating helps individuals to eat only enough food that their body needs since they can sense fullness once they have taken enough food.

9. Serving sizes control

Portion control is usually useful especially when you are eating out. Your kids are likely to consume too much junk foods and snacks when eating out which can significantly affect fitness and overall health as well. Also, processed foods are not easy to digest thus can cause stomach upsets and constipation. Ensure that your kids eat small frequent meals throughout the day instead of three heavy meals. This will prevent them from having a digestion problem or develop a sluggish feeling.

10. Plan your kid’s fitness properly

There are fitness plans out there that can help your kids develop habits that will ensure they remain healthy and physically fit. Kids’ health and fitness plans contain nutrition and exercise guides that are meant kids and can play a great role in preventing them from developing fitness problems such as obesity and high blood pressure. Ensure that your kids are not missing on the fitness routines recommended in the fitness plans to ensure that they maintain healthy and strong bodies.

It is usually very frustrating for any parent if your kid starts developing fitness problems such as obesity or high blood pressure. Every parent loves to see his child in healthy, strong and happy. The above tips will help your kids stay active and healthy thus making them live a happy life. If your kids are the type that spends most of their free time with their eyes glued to the TV screen or playing games on their phones, it is time you start implementing the above tips to ensure they are exercising enough to maintain a strong and healthy body.

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