How to Reduce Stress: Find Your Own Way to Relieve Stress

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Life in modern times is not the easiest one. We are still in a hurry and we are subjected to high doses of stress. And stress can cause dreadful consequences to the state of our body and mind. It’s also a highway to some serious health problems. So it is absolutely crucial to learn some effective methods to stop stress level from rising too high. Below you’ll find a couple of effective methods.


Frame of mind

The first step to maintain the positive mind balance should be tuning in. You shouldn’t always try to speed up activities that naturally require more time to be done well. For example, don’t hurry when you eat your meal. Spend more time in the bath than the absolute minimum. When you go for a walk, stay present and attentive. Don’t think about your job and things that need to be done all the time. This way you can start to observe what are your main stressors and try to avoid them.


Consider this even if you’re not a born athlete. Sport is such a wide field that it offers something for every person with different body build and temperament. There are disciplines suitable for fat and thin, for extroverts and introverts. And what are the benefits? Engaging in physical activity usually strongly helps reduce stress and gain more self-confidence. When you’re tired after a training, endorphins are released into the bloodstream. These are hormones that generally make you feel better and more optimistic.


Just keep smiling. I know that there are not many reasons for doing this. But at least try to transform your neutral state into a positive one. Smiling is physically very simple. The barrier lies in the psyche and you should try to remove it. When you smile at someone, that person instinctively repays the same. You send a positive stimulus and get it back. And you have to know that smile is one of the worst enemies of stress. Just like sincere laughter. So watch a good comedy instead of a horror movie. Or go with your close friends for a night out and watch your favorite comic when he visits your vicinity. Just help yourself to smile and laugh as often as you can.

Coloring pages

You probably already know that coloring books are not only a child’s activity and on the market is a wide spectrum of coloring pages designed for adults. But not everyone knows that coloring pages are a very effective stress reliever. Even the famous psychologist Carl Jung used coloring books in his work with patients struggling with depression. So print out your first coloring page and this may be a good start for your new, less stressful life. Thanks to this, you will slow down the pace of your functioning at least for a few moments and your mind will calm down. A good thing is that coloring pages are cheap and easy to find. You also don’t need any special preparations to start coloring. A couple of crayons or pencils is enough. What pictures do you prefer? Birds, animals, cartoon characters, dinosaurs, mandalas? You can find it all easily using Google.

Be grateful

Being grateful for your life instead of stressing about what you don’t have is far better and healthier attitude. It naturally reduces anxiety and makes you more cheerful in everyday life. It’s a good idea write your own “gratitude journal”. You can write down all, even the smallest things for which you can be thankful to the world.


Have you ever wondered how you breathe? And do you realize how important this is? When you are stressed, your breathing becomes shallow and provides less oxygen to the body. A deep breath, on the other hand, reduces the sense of stress and stabilizes the heart rate. So try to control your breathing and do it consciously. Of course, you won’t be able to do it all the time, but even a few minutes a day should bring improvement.


Stress control is certainly not an easy task. There is also no way to completely eliminate it from our everyday life. It’s a natural part of human life and can even sometimes be helpful. However, we should counteract excessive stress. So find your way to achieve this goal. You can try the methods given above and combine them together. For example, use coloring books and control your breath at the same time. The most important thing is that the chosen method is effective for you. Good luck!

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