A Climbing Toddler’s Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home (How To)

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Baby Proofing Ideas

Hello everyone! I’m Aura the Explorer. No, that is not exactly my real name, but it is my nickname and it fits me well. From the time that I could crawl, I have been on the move. Baby gates are not ‘optional’ in our home because without them I can go anywhere and everywhere I want to at lightning speed!


When I was nearing the tender age of 10 months, I began experimenting with my first toddling steps. I was so adorable as I wobbled around! Within a few days, I was steady enough that mommy let me get some practice by myself around the house.

But how was she to know that she couldn’t have a ladder handy for putting things away in the attic? And who would have guessed that I would be drawn to my brother’s bunk bed like a moth to a flame?

Yep, you guessed it. I, the great Aura the Explorer, learned not only how to walk, but also how to climb all within just a few days. A heart-stopping discovery that my mommy made very quickly! Out went the ladder, up went the all the baby gates, and my parents were in a baby-proofing frenzy for days.


I was so bummed out. I couldn’t believe they took away all the fun! And I wailed in protest. But it didn’t do any good. So, I just got creative…and more skilled!

Mom and dad didn’t know what hit ’em! Before long, I learned how to get up on the couch and the bed. As it turns out, chairs and tables are lots of fun, too! As long as I can get a foothold and a handheld, I’m good to go!

Now that I’m a year and half old, there isn’t much anyone can do to stop me, especially if a gate or door is left open. I even know how to get into the kitchen sink and turn on the faucet all by myself! It’s enough to give my mom a heart attack.

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How to Baby Proof Your Home

But even though I’m a bit ornery and I do love a grand adventure, I am so thankful that mommy and daddy have figured out ways to keep me safe while I explore.

First, they attached a baby gate to the top of the stairs so I won’t tumble down. It’s one of those types that you screw into the wall. It works really well because I can’t push it down.

Second, they made sure that all the baby gates were extra-tall and don’t have toeholds, so I can’t climb over them. (Erghhhh!)

Third, they mounted the TV and anchored the bookshelf and my dresser to the wall so that I can’t pull either over on myself if I try to climb up.

Fourth, they installed vertical blinds that don’t have strings, so even though I am taller now, there is nothing dangerous for me to grab onto.

Fifth, they moved everything out of my reach that used to sit on shelves and countertops and don’t let me anywhere close to things with cords. (Too bad, because I think computers are awesome!)

Sixth, they locked away all the medicine and chemicals that I’m not supposed to touch, even though all I really cared about was the dish soap and the gummy vitamins. (I do find it quite annoying that cupboard doors and drawers don’t yield their treasures to me anymore!)

Seventh, they started closing all the doors to all the bedrooms (especially my brother’s, since he has a bunk bed that I love!) and bathrooms (since climbing on the toilet is a blast!).

Eighth, they blocked off the pantry and put the step stool in there so that I don’t have easy access to the sink or the stove. (Which also means I can’t get my own snacks and that really sucks!)

Ninth, they don’t let me have free access to all the chairs since I like to use them to push up to counters or doors, where trouble awaits.

Tenth, mommy no longer brings the ladder into the house to put things into the attic…unless if I’m asleep and oblivious!

So, if you have a Little Explorer like me, maybe you will want to do these things to babyproof your home. But prepared for a bit of a melt-down. It’s no fun at all for us kids that all the cool grown-up things are off-limits!

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