Top 10 Best Baby Push Walkers for Your Growing Little

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As you witness your baby growing up, you want him to develop a robust body and strong limbs. This is especially important when your child is giving its first steps. Many babies have issues when trying to walk for the first time, so don’t be discouraged if your baby finds it hard at the beginning.

There are several ways to make sure your baby steps firmly when learning to walk. The most reliable way is to show your child how to use a push walker. It assists your baby to feel more confident when walking, and this stimulates him to walk more regularly.

A good walker lends vital support, so your baby keeps from falling. These also incorporate some curious features, so they feel attracted to it. There are unique kinds of walkers, but as a parent, you need to make sure your baby has the best push walker, so he has a firm step.

But how can you know which one is the best?

Top 10 Best Push Walkers Price Comparison Table

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity WalkerPlastic
Joovy Spoon WalkerPlastic
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker- PinkPlastic
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push WalkerWooden
Disney Minnie Music and Lights WalkerPlastic & Steel
Fisher-Price Activity WalkerPlastic
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerPlastic
Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra WalkerPlastic
Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker | We RecommendPlastic
Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking ToyNon-toxic Wood

Here’s The Top 10 Best Baby Push Walkers | Reviewed

1. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

This jungle themed push walker is very popular because of its folding capabilities and attractive design. It is not only a baby push walker, it is a sit & play activity center, and a standing activity table as well. The 3 modes have interactive games, so your baby has many of them to choose from.

Special Features

The walker comes with many activities and songs to keep your baby entertained for a while. It has more than 70 songs included. This means it will play different songs during the activities, stimulating your baby’s auditory senses.

It has a light that shines on the floor when in push walker mode, so your baby can follow it everywhere. It rolls smoothly on all surfaces including carpet and wooden boards.

The weight of the walker is enough, so it doesn’t tip easily and provides substantial support, while your baby nudges it around effortlessly.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker is easy to store, as it can fold flat reducing the amount of space it takes. This is extremely useful when going on family trips or going out since you can fold it and store it in the trunk of our car.



  • It can fold flat for easy storage
  • An attractive theme and activities that will catch the attention of your baby
  • It is a 3-in-1 interactive activity center
  • It has over 70 different songs included that match perfectly with the lights on the walker to help stimulate your baby’s auditory and visual senses.


You have to build the walker from cero. There are several pieces and it is a little bit difficult to put together. This means that once it is assembled you cannot take it apart.

2. Joovy Spoon Walker

This walker is explicitly designed to ensure your baby is safe when going through the house. It is crucial to help your kids with their new-found mobility rather than limiting it by being precautious.

This walker finds the middle point and mixes constant movement with the necessary safety measures to ensure your baby’s safety when learning how to walk.

Special Features

The tray included can be used to hold food, so the walker doubles as a feeding chair as well. Thanks to the material the tray is made from, it is easy to wipe down. Plus. It easily fits in your dishwasher, to facilitate cleaning.

Spoon Walker´s design is clean and contemporary. It is built in a simplistic way, so the parents or the baby don’t have to struggle with it. The walker is durable and can be easily cleaned since the cushion can be detached so you can wash it when it is required. Thanks to the simple design, it can fold flat to save space.

The walker is specially designed to be safe, so it has non-slip stair pads included. Also, it comes with a steel reinforcement for extra durability.

It incorporates 3 adjustable heights to make ensure your baby is comfortable and has the essential support it needs



  • Specially designed to keep your baby safe while facilitating mobility
  • Contemporary design that suits parents needs
  • Easy to clean, with a detachable tray and seat.
  • The detachable tray can be used for feeding or to place toys
  • Easy to fold so you can save space when trying to travel with it



Does not have any interactive activities included. Because of this, babies may not feel attracted to the walker. Additionally, taller infants may have a problem using this walker. It is adjustable but designed for infants or toddlers.


3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker- Pink

While the last walker had a floating seat, this walker allows the infant to have more control when learning to walk. This walker has a wide variety of activities for your baby. Since it has so many features and activities, it will be a great companion for your baby for many years.

Special Features

This walker is designed especially for toddlers that already know how to sit on their own and stand on their own. This toy is perfect for the babies that are ready to give their first steps.

It has an activity center with different toys and interactive activities. It is completely removable, so your baby can play with it even he is sitting down. And it has a handle and it is light, so it can be carried around.

Toddlers can acquire many things from this activity center. The panel is packed with distinct colors and shapes. It is designed so the toddler can find a way to be entertained by itself. It promotes creativity, and it stimulates the auditory senses. Your baby will dance to the music and learn with the several activities.

Kids love being loud. But as a parent, you would like to have certain control over the volume of the music. The walker is equipped with a way to customize volume levels. It needs 2 AA batteries to work, and the walker does not have the batteries included when you purchase it.



  • Several activities to provide several hours of entertainment
  • It is made from a sturdy and durable material.
  • It is fun and educational
  • Removable panel for easy transportation
  • Stimulates auditory and visual senses



The many activities it has may be overwhelming at some point. Yes, toddlers like to interact and play with many things, but they can get easily annoyed or irritated by them as well. Also, the wheels don’t have any traction and can be dangerous to use on smooth surfaces because it can tip or fall.

4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Walker

Kids can have fun and at the same time learn how to walk with this friendly and comfortable push walker. Since it is made from wood, it gives the sturdy support your baby needs to be confident when giving the first steps.

Special Features

Its colorful design will immediately capture the attention of your baby. The wheels feature different figures, and the blue body is a perfect match for the green alligators at the bottom of the walker. The alligators open and shut their mouths, making clacking sounds as your baby pushes the walker. It is very engaging and fun for your child.

Its simple design proves to be practical as your baby will not get overwhelmed with the activities in the walker.

The wheels are special non-skid wheels, so the whole carriage doesn’t slip taking your child with it. Since it is made from wood, it is sturdy enough to lend a good support, without it being too heavy.

There is a particular feature in the design. It won’t fall backward even if your baby puts a decent amount of weight on it. The weight on the front part of the walker is a perfect counterweight, keeping the whole walker stable under all situations.



  • The walker is brightly colored.
  • It is designed so it cannot tip backward, giving extra support
  • Sturdy but light wood perfect for a walker
  • The green alligators at the bottom of the walker call for your baby’s attention



It has few activities included and you don’t want you baby to get bored of the walker. You cannot fold the walker. It is designed to be sturdy, so you cannot take this walker everywhere you’d like.


5. Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker

This one of the few walkers on the list that have it all. The interactive activities are varied, and the lights and sounds are good to stimulate your child’s senses. It is fun since it gives your baby a lot of mobility, so she can learn how to walk safely.

Special Features

It is specially made for girls since it features a floral design with Minnie Mouse on it. It is durable, attractive, and unprecedented. You can be sure your baby will cherish it for years to come.

While having a snack, she can play with the 4 princess toys that are on the expandable tray. This makes feeding your baby easier as she is distracted playing as you feed her. Plus, the trey is expandable in case you require more space.

And if in any case, the seat gets dirty after you feed your baby, don’t worry. You can use a washing machine to clean the baby seat. The material the walker is made of is easy to clean as well. It also folds completely, to make an efficient use of your space.

It is designed for parents that want their baby to walk on their own. Some babies get bored too easily, and they usually want to be moving at all times. This walker has a floating seat, so your baby is comfortable and is confident when walking. Plus, your child is supported from all angles when in the seat.



  • It is easy to clean because of the removable tray and seat
  • Big snack area with toys
  • Multiple heights so your baby can still operate it after a few years
  • It is easy to fold and unfold



It skids a little on wooden floors. As a parent, you need to make sure the walker won’t be bouncing everywhere with your child. So, if you have wooden floors this may not be the most valid option.

Additional Drawback:

Since the lights and sounds are on for an extended time, it uses many batteries. You should buy a package of batteries with the walker since the batteries it includes last for a few days tops.


6. Fisher-Price Activity Walker

This push walker can be turned into a gaming board. While your child is learning to walk; this interactive walker will play stimulating sounds. These sounds will motivate your child to continue using the walker. Your toddler will find its own way with the walker, and when he is finished he will sit and enjoy the many activities on the gaming board.

Special Features

He can find joy in this walker in 2 ways. He is either learning to walk while listening to the songs, or he can sit and enjoy the interactive games the walker has.

The walker tries to develop the baby’s motor skills. Fisher-Price is known for designing toys that help your baby in one way or another. The games are a kind of puzzle, in which a ball has to go through many doors that can be closed.

The walker does not require assembly. You just need to take it out of the box and unfold it. Your baby can immediately discern how it works. With the touch of a button, the whole walker folds into the gaming board. And since it pretty small once it is folded, you can take it anywhere you like.

Plus, the wheels are designed to work in any kind of floors. You can block the wheels to control the speed too.



  • The whole walker is sturdy and provides good support
  • It is both a gaming board and a push walker
  • The board has many different activities that promote the use of motor skills
  • Easy to fold and unfold


The tires are not skid proof. Because of this, they lose traction easily, and this is bad for a baby that is learning how to walk. It requires an adult to be close at all times.

7. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The Vtech Sit-to-Stand walker comes with many different activities for your child. The walker is perfect for babies that are no more than 3 years old. This means that if you purchase this walker during the first years, you can get the best out of it before the baby outgrows it.

Special Features

It is a lightweight walker for your baby, so he can easily wander through the house with it. You can remove the panel from the walker and convert it into a playing panel. There are two modes of play, learning mode, and dancing mode. Both stimulate your baby’s brain and senses.

When the panel is in learning mode, the walker helps the baby develop motor skills. The buttons at the top help him recognize certain shapes and numbers as well.

The baby can use the telephone to hear different animal sounds, and it can be used in both modes. You need 2 AA batteries for it to run. There are some included when purchased, bit this toy tends to require new batteries every few days.

The wheels work perfectly in any kind of floor. Under the back wheels, there are rubber seams to prevent the walker from sliding. There is a lock on the rear wheels. This lock will prevent the rear wheels from spinning. Combined with the rubber seams it results in a stable and safe walker.



  • The sturdiness helps your baby to learn faster
  • Easy to fold
  • Many activities that develop the senses on the removable panel
  • Long lasting and durable



Only the back wheels are lockable. If your baby puts too much weight on the walker it may fall or slide. If the panel is removable, the baby might not think on the walker at all. The panel will already have all the activities in it so there is no motivation for the baby to use the walker.

8. Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

This walker is simple, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It has a zebra theme that can grab the attention of the baby right away. This walker is designed to teach the baby the alphabet and the numbers. It provides the necessary stability for your child to give slow but firm steps.

Special Features

The walker helps your baby learn the alphabet and the numbers with many sing-along songs that come from the zebra. This kind of activities helps your baby to continue practicing with the walker.

This model also has 2 ways to play with it. As with the other walkers, your baby can play with it while standing up or sitting down. It has activities like buttons to press and book pages to turn. For the zebra to sing and light up, you need 2 AA batteries that are not included when you order the walker.

When you buy the walker, it comes in several pieces. It is easy to build, and you don’t need any particular knowledge to put it together. Baby’s see the zebra as a friend. Due to this, many babies like being around the walker. This is a precise reason for your child to learn how to walk.

The walker is perfectly balanced. There is no way to block the wheels, but the balance it has helps the walker to be less dangerous.



  • The child can use the walker standing up or while they are seated
  • Educational music and activities
  • Easy to clean and easy to store
  • It provides a sturdy support for your baby



You cannot block the wheels, so sometimes the walker slides or gets pushed away. Since it has no breaks, the wheels slide easily in hardwood floors and there will be no friction. Because of that, the baby might fall with the walker.


9. Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

This walker has 4 different play modes. Due to this, you can be sure your baby won’t get bored. It tries making walking a game. It is a Sit & Play cooktop, a Stand & Play activity center, a shopping cart, and a push walker.

Special Features

This walker is specially designed to grow with your baby. He can start playing with the stationary interactive cooktop at the initial stages. When the time comes, he can use it as a walker to learn how to walk. During the terminal stage, he can find many new ways to play with the 4 play modes the walker has.Bright-Starts-Giggling-Gour

In the countertop, there are 4 particular activities. First, you have corn inside a container, that when pressed it pops as to simulate how popcorn is made. Next up is the grilled cheese sandwich that can be opened. When the baby presses the button, the cooktop begins creating sizzling sounds around the sandwich. Finally, the egg roller, that lights up when the button is pressed.

The cart also has a shape sorter at the front of it. The baby tosses the pieces inside the whole that have the same shape, and he gets them out with the door that is under it.

The walker has an adequate balance because of how the cooktop adds weight to it. And even without the cooktop, you can lock each wheel, so the walker won’t go anywhere. The fact that you now have the power to block every wheel gives you more control over the child’s movement.

This also helps the walker to be a little bit sturdier. Due to this, there are fewer chances that the walker will slide away with the baby’s weight. And as the baby learns how to walk, he is playing with the several activities that are on top of the walker. This is one of the few toys that grants you a lock for the 4 wheels.



  • It incorporates many fun activities for your child
  • The walker is a 4 in one play center
  • It develops with your child
  • The weight determines great balance and it is sturdy, so it won’t slide away
  • You can decide whether the walker moves a little or it moves a lot.



The walker can be little short for some babies. The cooktop helps the walker look taller, but the handle is not high enough for all children.


10. Hape Wonder Walker

This push walker is a little different from the others. Not only in shape, but the way it is designed. The attractive colors will have our child learning how to walk in with this walker day after day. The many activities that are in the walker make the walker more attractive to your child.

Special Features

Hape Wonder always delivers quality. Not only for you but for your child as well. The walker is made from the best wood that you can find. The finish is delicate and attractive for your baby.Hape-Wonder-Walker-baby

The walker has many movable parts that your baby will find amusing. There are 5 different activities in it, and each of them is designed to hone its motor skills. You can assemble this walker in a few minutes with the help of a screwdriver. The process is fast since the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The Setback wheels are rubber lined. This means that it not only run smoothly on every surface, but it will defend your child’s feet. The rubber lined wheels don’t damage the floor and are much more silent.

The paint and the coat applied to the wood are non-toxic, so you can be sure it won’t harm your child.



  • It helps develop the coordination and motor skills of the child
  • It is durable
  • The base is sturdy and is perfectly balanced
  • There are no toxic ingredients in the paint



It is a little expensive for a walker. Sure, it is one of the best walkers in the list because of the design and the durability. But the price is a little high compared to the other ones.

Additional Drawback: It asks for parental guidance while the child tries getting used to it. Its construction entails rigid material and since it is not that easy to turn, your child might fall, and the walker could fall on top of him.

Things to Consider before Buying a Baby Push Walker | Buyer’s Guide

As a parent, you want your child to have everything he needs and more. You want him to be surrounded by toys and special cares. But you also want him to be strong and healthy.

The perfect toy is that one that entertains your child and helps him learn something new. In that case, a push walker may be one of the best toys for your kid. Most of the push walkers have several activities in it.

But buying a walker is no easy task. There are many things to take in consideration when choosing from the hundred of push walker that exist in the market nowadays.

A walker needs to have several activities for your baby to be entertained. The more activities the walker has, the more it calls the attention of your child. Plus, the activities improve your baby’s motor skills.

The push walker must be safe for your baby. It must be skid-proof, so your child won’t fall and hurt itself. Also, it the walker isn’t stable it will be harder for your child to have firm steps when learning.

Here are some of the most important things to take into account when buying a push walker.


Is the walker versatile?

Most walkers nowadays come with 2 modes, an activity center, and a push walker. This is extremely useful since you want your toddler to be occupied at all times. The best push walkers have 3 or 4 play modes, so your child has a variety to choose from.

Once they are comfortable with a push walker they may want to take it everywhere. This means that the walker has to fold in some way that it makes it easier to carry. This is a big issue with wooden walkers.

Usually, when you first buy a wooden walker, you have to build it yourself, and it is extremely difficult to take apart. This means that it probably won’t be easy to store.

Also, it is a plus if the walker is adjustable. If it is, it means that you can keep adjusting it as your child grows, giving the walker many years of use.

How many activities or games are in the walker?

You cannot force your baby to use the walker. He must feel comfortable and attracted to the walker. This is the role of the activities on the walkers. If your baby wants to interact with them, he has to use the walker. This motivates a faster learning process since he will use the walker more and more.

The more activities on the walker, the more he will use it and the faster he will learn.

Most of the activities in these kinds of walkers promote the use of motor skills. The lights and sounds help the baby to develop his auditory and visual senses. Many push walkers have a mix of bright lights and/or music included.

Are there any safety measures in the push walker?

As a parent, you have to make sure your child is safe in any way possible. So, what safety measures does my baby’s push walker has to have?

It is important that you can control the speed in which the push walker moves. Most push walkers have a break in the wheels, so you can control the movement.

The wheels have to provide good traction to keep the walker on the ground. Most walker now a day are equipped with an anti-slip system. This is to make sure the walker won’t fall easily when your child is pushing it around.

If the walker has many activities on it, it is safer if it has a lock system. This is so your child can stop and play. This is important for a walker since most of them double as activity centers.

The thing that matters most is that your child doesn’t fall. Falling with a push walker can be serious, especially when there is a possibility that the walker can fall on top of the toddler.

How much are you willing to spend on a push walker?

Each extra feature a walker has meant a higher price. It is a good investment since most walkers can be used for years. The most important thing to take into account is how durable the walker is and how many extra features does it have. Both of this make the price go higher.

If the prices aren’t too high, it isn’t because it is not a good walker. Maybe it has fewer features than other walkers, or maybe it isn’t adjustable.

Difference between Push Walker and Baby Walker

Well, I couldn’t resist to tell you something about it, as people get too confused with the names. Let me cut things straight.

If you become a little skeptical, you will see ‘push walker’ emphasizes on the word ‘push’ in it. Generally, it is a toy that the baby grasps with both of its hands, having a standing support. Then, pushes forward and walks after it.

When your little champ or princess is physically ready for the walk, push walkers are his/her learning support.

Whereas, baby walkers or baby push walkers are a bit different. The baby sits in the middle of this toy and faces no struggle to move around. It has wheels all around the baby’s position, thus it is some kicks on the floor and the baby moves along.

Infants who are not yet physically mature to walk on its own – are the ones to fit in a baby push walker.

 Some Frequently Asked Questions 

Are wooden push walkers better than plastic push walkers?

Both of them work the same, with little differences. Wooden push walkers are usually heavier. This means wooden walkers without skid-proof wheels or something that keeps it from falling are a bit more dangerous than the plastic ones.

At what age should my baby start using a push walker?

There is no perfect age for the use of push walkers. It depends on the baby’s strength and size. It is recommended that the toddler should be able to stand and hold his head up to use a push walker. Walkers are meant for children between 4 and 16 months of age. Take into account that some children grow faster than other ones.

Are there any risks on using baby push walkers?

If Walker doesn’t have the necessary safety measures there are many risks. One of the biggest concerns it that the baby’s toes can get pinched by the wheels when learning to walk. Therefore, it is important that you take into account the position of the wheels and the height of a push walker when purchasing it.

Will the baby walker I bought work on every surface?

Many of the manufacturers equip push walkers with skid-proof wheels, so they can work on every kind of floor. Also, some of the best models are armed with locks for the wheels, making the walker usable on most surfaces.


Final Words

When purchasing a baby push walker, you have to make sure it’s safe and entertaining for your kid. Also, you want your toddler to engage in stimulating activities, so he feels attached to the walker.

If you are still confused which one to pick, the overall best baby push walker is Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker. It has 4 different play modes, so your baby will never feel bored. Furthermore, it is designed to go along with your baby during his first years.

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