Bassinet vs. Crib- What’s Better for Your Baby (Why)?

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As a new mother, you have a tough decision to make when it comes to the comfort of your baby. As you already know, babies spend most of the day sleeping. To ensure your baby gets to enjoy a sweet sleep, you have to shop for the right bed.


If you were to visit any online store that sells baby furniture, you will come across a bassinet and a crib. Here is the difference between the two. A bassinet is constructed like a basket and fitted with free standing legs. It is designed to be transported from one place to another. As a parent, you can raise the bassinet on a stand thus eliminating stressing your back when bending into the bassinet to take care of the baby.


Bassinet vs. Crib

A crib is a basically a mini bed designed to accommodate a baby. Majority of the parents prefer to use a crib over a bassinet due to its stability. Furthermore, a crib has a cage-like design which restricts the baby from falling off or climbing out when a parent is not watching.


Now that you have an idea what a bassinet is and what a crib is, we can finally proceed and settle the debate of bassinet vs. crib: which option is the best?



When it comes to size, cribs are much bigger than bassinets. There are several models available in the market. For starters, you will come across a convertible crib which can be made into a twin bed. This is perfect especially if you have twins. Furthermore, it provides more room for the baby to move around. What you ought to know is that a larger crib is not perfect for an infant. Over the years, health specialists have discovered that majority of infants who have passed away as a result of SIDs, were sleeping in a crib. This does not mean that it happens all the time.


When it comes to bassinets, they are compact in size which makes them lightweight. Thanks to their portability, parents have the option of moving it around the home. Majority of available bassinet models are round in shape with curtains or an overhead cover. Today, many parents are comfortable having their children sleeping by their side. All they have to do is place the bassinet in the room. According to a study published in 2011, co-sleeping with your baby lowers the chances of SIDs by 50%. This does not mean that the baby should sleep with you in your bed. A bassinet is fine.



Bassinets are designed to be portable and as such, they must be placed on a stand to allow the parent to bend and tend to the baby. As a result, manufacturers have placed weight limits on the bassinet which means as the baby grows; the parents must move the baby to the crib. This is done to prevent the bassinet from caving in as a result of the baby’s growing weight. Thanks to the provision of weight limits, parents are able to keep their baby safe. That is not all. It is important for a parent to remember not to place the bassinet on top of pillows as this could pose a risk to the baby.


When it comes to cribs, they are designed with a broader base which means they are able to support the weight of a growing baby. Furthermore, they are fitted with a comfortable mattress that also supports the weight of a growing baby. To prevent the occurrence of accidents or injuries, parents should avoid drop-side cribs and the mattress must fit perfectly in the crib.


If you compare a bassinet and a crib in terms of safety, bassinets have better safety measures for infants while cribs provide safety measures for a growing baby.


Ease of use

As a new mother, you are currently recuperating from a pregnancy. Whether it was a natural birth or a C-section, as a new mother, you need to take it easy. Yes, you still have to play an active role in raising your baby and to ensure comfort while doing this; it is wise to select a bassinet. Why? Bassinets are portable and they can be placed on a stand making it easy for the new mother to tend to the baby. As a result, the mother does not have to undergo any strain when doing so.


In the case of a crib, a new mother has to bend a lot to tend to the baby. This will surely place the mother’s body in a stressful position. As a result, it could undo the medical treatment provided to the mother especially in the case of a C-section.



Price is always an important factor to consider when shopping for a product. In our case – bassinet vs. cribs – what you need to know is that bassinets are affordable compared to cribs. For starters, bassinets are crafted from affordable materials like plastic or metal. The frame is lined with soft cloth and a mattress to ensure a baby’s comfort.


Cribs are expensive. This is because they are considered an investment. You can either find a crib made out of metal or wood. The mattress used in a crib is also expensive but it is a great option for a growing baby.

Bassinet vs. Crib: Pros and Cons


Pros: Long time usable, can be converted. Cons: Expensive, more space.


Pros: Portable, easy to use. Cons:  Limited weight, good for up to six months.

Final Thoughts

As a parent, your decision to purchase a crib vs. a bassinet will depend on the points below. A bassinet is perfect for an infant aged between 0 months to 6 months. Not only will a bassinet make it easier for the new mother to tend to the baby but it will lower the occurrence of SIDs thanks to the co-sleeping option. Cribs are perfect for growing babies aged 7 months and above. They have wider bases and their cage-like design prevents the baby from climbing out or falling off when sleeping.


All in all, it depends on the parent’s personal preference.

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