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If you are a new parent, it is really important that know when your baby should be eating, sleeping and playing. Many parents are often faced with a challenge with all these decisions that are involved in developing their baby. In this case, you have to create a baby feeding schedule for your baby to help them get enough food and rest each and every day. If you haven’t done that schedule yet, try considering the schedule below. This schedule is made particularly for the 5-month-old baby.

5 month old feeding schedule

Here is our current 5-month-old schedule:

A number of feeding a baby 5 months remains the same as before – 6 to 7 times a day. This schedule should be followed until the child becomes one year old.

Before creating the schedule for your baby, keep in mind that most babies from 5 months old need the following:

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Up to 32 ounces (946 ml) of breast milk or formula in a 24-hour period.

Example 1: Mom who exclusively breastfeeds her 5-month-old baby.

8:00 a.m: I breastfeed him and he keeps sleeping.

10:00 a.m: My fat man wakes up and I breastfeed him again. We play.

1:00 p.m .: I’m breastfeeding again. Like something and let’s go for a walk.

3:00 p.m .: Sleep your nap.

5:00 p.m .: Wake up and take the breast again. I play with him or leave him playing on his belly or I play music, which he loves. Also, sometimes, he plays with grandparents and uncles.

8:00 p.m .: I breastfeed him. We play.

9:30 p.m .: He touches his bathroom, I give him a breast and, before falling asleep, I read him a story.

11:30 p.m .: He falls asleep and no longer gets up to breastfeed until 8:00 or 8:30 a.m., more or less.

Example 2: Mom at home feeding her 5-month-old baby with formula

7:00 a.m .: Wake up and play in your crib with your books (cloth, designed for babies) for a while.

8:00 a.m .: I change the diaper and clothes. After giving him his bottle with formula, to play has been said!

10:00 a.m .: Take a bottle and then take a nap. I take advantage to do my things.

12:00 p.m .: We play. I change the diaper and take another bottle.

3:00 p.m .: Take your bottle and sleep another nap. I take advantage to cook and fix the house.

5:30 p.m .: The baby and dad play. They go out to the patio. He takes another bottle and keeps playing.

9:00 p.m .: I bathe it and I give it masses. He takes his last bottle.

9:30 p.m .: He falls asleep. Sweet Dreams!

He rarely gets up at dawn. Sometimes he wakes up at 3:00 or 5:00 in the morning. When that happens I give him a bottle and go back to sleep.


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